2018 S/S Runway Bags .. be Prepared ..

  1. Okey-dokey, did some research .. and found some new atrocities from Demna Gvasalia .. ready?!?!

    The 'ole Fanny Pack .. but worn in this manner (personally, always hated Fanny Packs to begin with .. but then this?!?!) .. F-UGLY IMO!!! It comes in a variety of colors ..

  2. Then, we have the Balenciaga 'version' of the Chanel flap; saw this IRL at the Bal boutique in Beverly Hills .. not a fan.
  3. That is ugly! :yucky:
  4. .. and who knows what the heck this is .. looks like some are leather, but others might be fabric?!!!?! Also, here we go with the "Balenciaga" logos again!
    Balenciaga-BlackWhite-Monogram-Top-Handle-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-WhiteBlack-Monogram-Top-Handle-Bag-2-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-RedBlack-Monogram-Top-Handle-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-Leopard-Print-Top-Handle-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg
  5. Wonder where Demna got the idea to create a big-tassel version of the bag?!?!?!?!? .. hmmmm .. maybe Sara Battaglia (Gio's sister)?? .. and AGAIN, logo-mania!
    Balenciaga-RedWhiteBlue-Fringed-Clutch-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-Green-Fringed-Tote-Bag-2-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-Sky-Blue-Monogram-Fringed-Tote-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg
  6. .. and don't even get me started on this one .. the SUPER F-UG quasi bowling ball bag?!?!
    Balenciaga-GrayBlack-Hard-Case-Bag-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg Balenciaga-BlueBlack-Hard-Case-Bag-2-Spring-2018-300x450.jpg
  7. And then there's always someone who will need a $1,000 grocery bag, right?

    Just hideous.
  8. Please make it stop!!!!
  9. Waste of money. :shocked:
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  10. What a time to be alive....
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  11. Oh f*#k...[​IMG]
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  12. Perhaps soon it will be available as a Poncho for human??? :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Believe it or not, I was told by SA that those "LOUD & UNUSUAL" stuffs are flying off shelves !!! Perhaps that was why DG is going louder & LOUDER !!! :lol::lol::lol:

  13. Can't help thinking someone is trying to see just how stupid well heeled women can be.
    Also, didn't the original "Balenciaga," keep the rights to the back to back "B,"s?
  14. this is too #@&% for words :lol:
    but I agree with Peace, as long as this stuff sells, we will be seeing more of them!
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  15. This falls under the category of dating myself but these remind me of the PAC man ghosts, binky, pinky, inky, and Clyde.


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