2018 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. We're starting our 6th year! Every year I'm amazed at how much our group grows, but mostly I am amazed at how supporting each and everyone has been - the support in this group is through the roof and it's led us to share and talk more than just about bags. I love it.

    The original intent of the thread was for me to focus on shopping my own collection and enjoy what I have, and stopping from buying bags and SLGs. My first year was a total fail, but I succeeded in 2015! It was a great year and I did not bring in a single bag or SLG into my collection - and no loopholes involved. It was a legit achievement. Since then, I continued to shop my own collection, but at the same time refining my style to suit my lifestyle, and picking up pieces that were hard to come by. Through the yearly thread, I realized my bag style and function (function = totes; style = satchels; and for pops of fun = crossbody bags), and also began to let go of bags that simply don't work.

    In 2018, I am going to try for another repeat of 2015's success and NOT BUY ANY BAGS OR SLGs - seriously. 2018 isn't about refining for me as the last few refinement years have let me pick up what I needed, so I really don't need anything else. ALSO, I'm attempting a no shopping year for my wardrobe. Yes, that's right. Aside from 5 items, yet to be determined, and replacement items in case things break (i.e. black work pants, that I definitely need), I will not be shopping for my wardrobe. This means that I'll need even more support from this group, more than ever. I'm excited and determined!

    Looking forward to hearing what 2018's goals are for everyone else!
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  2. Joining. I have developed an expensive designer bag habit at the latter part of this year (after a whole lifetime of being a shoe person and not caring about bags) and I think I have everything I need. :smile: 2018 will be my year of enjoying what I bought!
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  3. Im in! I really do need to try to curb my spending and enjoy my current collection.

    I think I may even make a game of it. Each month I dont purchase a bag or slg, I will reward myself by depositing a set amount of cash into my saving acct. Will be pleasant to see the extra savings at year end.

    Anyone is welcome to join me or share your ideas to help the endeavor :smile:
  4. Shared this in the 2017 thread and placing it here so I can reference it later in 2018.

    2018 Goals
    • Have a 100% success rate on purchases
    • Sell 7 bags: 4 purgatory, 3 collection
    • Buy no more than 5 bags

    I'm going to try to have a ban period somewhere in 2018. Still TBD.
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  5. My goals for this 2018
    1. I have to stay in my allotted shelf space.
    2. Make a new list of my bags for 2018 and check off usage. Unless it is an Lv bag if it goes unworn it must be sold.
    3. Take new photos of my bags and keep an album . To remind me of what I have so I don't duplicate.
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  6. Hi everyone! Joining :smile:. My goal is to save up money to buy my HG a Louis Vuitton artsy monogram. I need to stop spending on boots and clothes and other bags and shop my closet.
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  7. Loving all these goals for 2018 - keep ‘em coming!
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  8. I'm here of course. I bought too much for a student in 2017!
    I'm still a student all of 2018 so no shopping!
  9. @eggtartapproved - I'm looking forward to when I can do a total ban year like you. I'm hoping this is the last year of rebuilding my collection. :doh:

    I am definitely slowing down purchases though. I used to be much worse. I just checked how many bags I've bought in past years...and how few of those I still have (in parentheses). :facepalm: The bad thing with almost all the ones I sold, I did so within a few months - it wasn't attrition over time.

    2014: 26 (5)
    2015: 20 (9)
    2016: 12 (7)
    2017: 11 (9)

    5 bags for 2018 still isn't fully just shopping my closet. But, if I make my goal and keep all of them, it will be a big deal for me.
  10. hi everyone! :wave:
    I realised that complete ban is hard to respect as you never know what you might be offered along the way, thus I will strive but not limit myself, and as Spark says, if any new in, it must be a 100% success!
    what I plan to work hard on is moving out the least used bags, clothes and shoes, too. The 2018 will be a year of refining! :flowers:
  11. Good news! DD helped me shop my closet so there will be far less shuffling and more appreciating than I thought! :biggrin:

    Revised 2018 Goals
    • Have a 100% success rate on purchases
    • Sell 4 bags
    • Buy no more than 4 bags
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  12. THIS!!!! I was just struggling with this issue when I was thinking about my goals. If find certain bags at the "right" price, I know I'll buy them. This list is tinier than it used to be (now just 4 bags) but, it exists. Of the 11 bags I bought this year, 5 fit this category and I have zero regrets about getting them. They are much cherished and regularly used.

    So, the only way I could think to allow for, yet, control this is to 1) remind myself how important usage is for me. If I keep buying bags, I won't have enough days in a year to wear them 2) put room in my buy number for one serendipity bag and 3) ride hard on what @papertiger mentioned a few months ago - only buy if a bag is better than what I already have.

    That being said, this is my biggest worry about holding to a goal in 2018 or in 2028. Given that I'm done with the bulk of my buying and selling, I'm hoping this year I'll have the mind space to wrestle with the issue and figure out a good perspective on managing it - now and for later.
  13. :tup:
    we are getting wiser as we go through, as this thread is a great help!
    i am now at the point where i ask a couple of questions every time i see something nice - do i have anything similar and this will be a repeating? Do i know what i will wear it with that i don't have yet in my closet (in other words, do i have any gap this one would fill up)? if they answers are YES and YES i will consider, start searching, checking, etc.
    if i answer at least one NO, then i talk myself out.
    i know i WANT a mini Cabat, but i passed on a few in 2017 when either the price was not right, or the bag was not perfect, and i know I CAN CHOOSE WISELY. I will wait for the perfect one. :angel:
    this is my resolution - be wise and avoid mistakes. :smile:
  14. 2017 was the year I bought less (relative to previous years) but more expensive (again relative) bags. I was able to finally not settle!

    This coming 2018 I want to continue the more thought-full buys. I don't want to exceed 5 purchases and I only want to buy wish list items. Right now I have 2 clear wish list bags! I already have a lot of bags - a mix of clear love and not so much bags. So I cannot just add and add. (Secondary market not so good where I am.)

    I normally buy some bags when I travel and I have at least one trip in mid 2018. So I have to manage my purchases. I declared a ban after my last purchase on Nov 23, hope this would last for at least 3 months.

    I'll probably refine my goal as the year progresses but I really want lesser and more rational bag purchases in 2018.
  15. I would love to join for 2018. I tried to join in the previous years but had a fallout due to not sticking to my plans and shopping excessively all the time. Well I still want to buy 1 bag until the end of the year as my birthday gift that is coming in a few days.
    In the good news, I also sold a lot of bags ans SLG during 2017. The only downpoint is that i can't stop buying and selling. I really want to end this circle and commit to my purchases.
    So for 2018 I want to buy only 2 bags and actually keep them for a longer period.