2017 Spring Messenger A91446 Black Calfskin SHW (reveal) Should I keep it?


Feb 11, 2011
San Francisco Bay Area
I'm always looking for the perfect crossbody "take it shopping" bag. You know, hold phone, sunglasses, wallet, lipstick, etc. I have 4 WOCs and they can't hold my big sunglasses. I've tried Prada, Bottega, LV and they all come up short - either an uncomfortable strap, heavy leather, or just are not "me."

Well, leave it to my SA at Neiman to pull this out of the back. It fits my need to throw all my stuff in, the leather strap is much lighter than the chains, has interior zip pocket, exterior pocket, and it is Chanel priced. I tried to do some searching and come up empty. Chanel calls it a Messenger Bag (it is not a square mini classic), gives it a product number of A91446. What do you think of this bag? Does anyone have this model? Or, one like it and can give me their thoughts.

Here's some pics:
IMG_8294.jpg IMG_8295.jpg IMG_8296.jpg IMG_8297.jpg IMG_8298.jpg
Apr 24, 2009
If you like it, keep it. To me chanel makes great selections of crossbody bags.

IMO, if I am buying Chanel (& for their prices), I prefer sticking to their popular pieces like the mini rectangular, mini coco handle, small business afinity etc. Size not too big, but can fit a lot of my essentials.
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Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I am not much for seasonal pieces, but I really like the casual look of this bag and the calfskin should make it pretty durable. However, as was mentioned above, the quilts look a bit deflated. Not sure if this is bothersome to you or if you can get your hands on another one with puffier quilts. It otherwise sounds like it works for what you are looking for. GLD!