2017 resolution - shopping my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

  1. Well, we are on our 5th year of this thread! How cool is that? And every year, we're getting more and more members, and I have to start posting the new year's thread earlier because of everyone's enthusiasm - how awesome!!! As I always say, I'm very thankful for such a wonderful group of people, always showing one another support, respect, and a kind words.

    I started this in 2013 and I actually was able to achieve my goal in 2015 with all of your support - a complete year without buying any bags or wallets. I never thought that would ever happen haha. It just goes to show how supportive everyone is, to help me achieve the impossible.

    My 2016 resolution was:
    "Let go of 10 items from within my bag, wallet, and SLG collections, and use those to fund a pre-loved Speedy 35 or 40. With the exception of the Speedy, not add any more items to any of the previously mentioned categories. This year, I'll be focusing more on letting go and reducing my numbers, than not shopping at all =)"

    So, what happened? I really DID find my pre-loved Speedy, purchased ALL from selling bags or SLGs I no longer used, or that worked for me. I ended up with a pre-loved Speedy 30 instead and am head over heels with it. I carry it all the time, in sun, rain, AND snow. I've never felt so liberated from carrying a bag that I don't feel the need to worry about at all.

    In 2016, I've sold or let go of 6 bags/SLGs in total, and in addition to my Speedy, bought 6 bags, 1 wallet, and was gifted another wallet, for a total of 9 bags/wallets coming in. While it wasn't a no purchase year, and I ended up with more ins than outs, I still feel I had a successful year because I've used every item that came in, thoroughly, and they actually made me realize what type of bag/wallet really worked better for me. I've already put aside more bags to let go of, and I'll give each of them a good test run in 2017 before deciding for sure whether I let them go.

    For 2017, I feel I have all the styles of bags I really need, use, and love so I will be aiming for another no-purchase year, as well as try to further trim down my collection again by letting go of 10 bags or wallets.
    An additional side note: some of you recall another HG bag of mine is an LV black epi Speedy 30, but since carrying the monogram Speedy, my less structured Gucci Bostons, and selling a very structured KS bag, I realize, I don't think I feel the same about it anymore. I love the way it looks, but my heart really belongs to a semi-structured satchel, therefore, I will no longer be hunting this down, and for the time being, am not on the look out for another HG bag.

    A big WELCOME BACK to all returning members, and another big WELCOME to all new members! Here's to another year and I wish everyone success in their new goals and resolutions.
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  2. Ha! Love it! My resolution is to use the money i make from eBay sales of my unused jewelry, bags and random stuff to buy a speedy B either 30 or 35 and nothing else in the way of bags and SLGs for 2017! It will be my first LV (i currently have all Coach) and I'm very excited!! But the speedy find has a long way to go!
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  3. That's really exciting!! I can't wait to see how you do this year. When I found my preloved, and was able to pay with it from selling stuff, it was an awesome feeling. I think I love my Speedy the most because it was a bag I planned for instead of just buying it. Good luck!!!
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  4. 2017 resolutions:
    • 5 months of no buying.
    • Get 70% (16 bags) under $10 per wear (for both the core collection and the Le Pliages)
    • Use all charms, twillies, and SLGs
    • Keep core collection under 20 pieces.
    • Continuous refinement of the collection.

    Initially I was planning several large purchases to celebrate my upcoming 30th, but I think I'm going to focus on a variety of items, not just handbags.
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  5. These are great goals, bake! You have a lovely well-rounded collection already! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it this year.
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  6. I realize that too. My collection as it stands works well for me and that I should appreciate it more and shop my closet.

    But since next year is the big 30, I figured at least one new bag is okay.
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  7. Good luck on your ebay sales!

    The Speedy B 30 was my first LV bag, and it's fantastic!

    I'm using my ebay sales to assist funding my purchases for next year as well. :amuse:
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  8. It has been a bumpy road and I am still in the process of changing my collection to bags I will really wear. This year I will have brought in about 17 bags and so far about 26 out. I brought 1 slg in and sent 6 out. I want to buy half of what I bought last year in bags.
    2017 Goals
    1. Only buy 8 bags and 2 slgs.
    2. Stay in allotted space so if a bag is big I have to buy less bags or get rid of something immediately.
    3. Be more careful at point of purchase. We live far from the good shops so dh is almost always with me hurrying me along and I've made some rash decisions rather then miss out on a deal.
    4. Keep my list updated and check off when a bag is used. If a bag goes unused ,unless it is a special occasion bag it must go.
    5. Keep my photos updated so I can glance at them ,before I buy something new.
  9. I think I started in the 2016 thread with more than 50 bags. Before that, in 2015, I think more. Now, I will be starting 2017 with forty-something bags. I don't have grand goals or any specific number target for 2017 yet, just that I would like to have lesser bags than in 2016. I hope to get my collection to a mix that I truly love or those that will be used a lot.

    I will come back with some more concrete targets later.

    Nice to be in this thread. Hello to pocketfriends in 2016, and welcome to those who will be newly joining this thread!
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  10. Yay! I can't believe it's almost the end of 2016!!!!

    I won't recap the 2016 yet since I really want to do it in the 2016 thread, but this is my goals for 2017.

    1. I intend to not buy more than 3 bags.
    2. I want to continue using my bags more and not just keep them on shelves.
    3. I will use my accessories more.
    4. I really need to get rid of my unused bags more ruthlessly. I don't even know why I'm keeping some of them in the bottom of my closet.
  11. I think you really to ignore deals! It's not a deal if you can't use it!! I understand though, I get caught up in deals too.
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  12. I think you need to understand why you want less beyond keeping those you'll use. Is it space you want? Refined collection?

    Understanding why to downsize really helped clarify the goal to really achieve it when it came to cleaning out my closet.
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  13. What stops you from getting rid of the ones at the bottom of the closet, Vink?
  14. It's either
    A) I'm just too lazy to either sell it or find a suitable person to give it away
    B) silly attachment feeling

    I vow to do better from now on. :smile:
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  15. Consignment or things where they list for you? Goodness, I find selling like a hobby now, I wish I could help you with it!

    Is there much of an attachment if it's on the floor?

    :smile: you can do better, Vink! I know you can!