2017 Handbag color styling

Aug 13, 2014
I know we all wear what we like, but over time the 'fashion' trends change. In some years, handbags that add a pop of color (different from the rest of the outfit) are in style. In other years, handbags that are the same color as the clothing are the popular trend. And in some years a tonal, but not well matched look is in.

Aside from printed or embellished handbags, what are you seeing as the fashion trend in styling handbags with clothing this year?
Jul 23, 2013
South MS
I've always liked a colored bag for a pop of color. I've never really been one to jump straight onto the bandwagon as far as being completely fashionable goes. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I do love for my clothes to be up to date on style but as far a bag goes, I'll always carry what style and color makes my heart sing regardless of what the fashion gurus say. [emoji4]
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