2016 Serial - Chanel

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  1. My Chanel Maxi Serial # starts with 2016. Does that mean its the year 2016?
  2. Nope that sound about Fall 2014 to me.
  3. Really? I just bought it 2 days ago!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466716827.493180.jpg
    2016 doesnt indicate the year. We wld call it the #20xx series.

    Now it is already in the #23xx series. Chanel bags don't go on sale so I wont be surprised they have tonnes of old stock hiding in the backstore
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  5. I really hope I didn't get an old stock purse :sad:
  6. there's nothing wrong with old stock bags at all, in fact, some of the most coveted bags are the older series. for example, 14B (Fall 2014, Act I) was known to be a great year for caviar boys and of course they were all sold out. in fact, some of use WISH we could find older stock bags because of the color, leather, or style that was special to that year or season. Just because your maxi is from 2014 doesn't mean it's not just a great (or even better) than 22/23 series bags.
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  7. Yup agree. Old stock or new stock, a chanel is still a chanel as long as it is in perfect condition and makes ur heart flutters, doesnt matter which year it was made
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  8. This it true. I am still waiting for them to relaunch the better caviar leather that they used to make. The new ones are too dry looking. :sad:[/QUOTE]
  9. It may be something lost in the backroom and was rediscovered; It may be a return. Finding previous seasons' serial numbers is not uncommon. The most important thing is that the bag is good and it's something you like. The year really doesn't matter that much. Enjoy your new bag.
  10. [/QUOTE]
    Their are two kinds of caviar right now...the washed caviar and the regular. The regular caviar is out there