2016 new classic hardware in gold black city

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  1. My new work horse.
  2. The silver plate looked smaller than the previous RH City
  3. At the back of the tag

  4. Ohhh what a beauty she is! ️🏽 enjoy your lovely purchase!!!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful bag….congrats!!! :heart:
  7. Really beautiful bag, congrats!
  8. The leather looks great on this! Congrats!
  9. I love it!

    The leather looks beautiful too.

  10. Beautiful bag😍😍😍😍may I ask where you purchased this?
  11. I bought it in Malaysia.
  12. Gorgeous!!!️Congrats!
  13. it's so pretty!!
  14. Gorgeous~!!! Congrats again, B~!! :yahoo:
  15. Thanks