2016 Leather: Lambskin or Caviar?

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  1. I read/heard somewhere that the leather durability can vary from year to year. Also, that lambskin is not as delicate as everyone think it is.

    I plan on purchasing my first bag from the boutique (an old medium Boy ) but cannot decide whether to jump the gun on lambskin or wait for caviar.

    I currently have 2 caviar bags (jumbo and mini), both vintage. Diversifying my collection with lambskin isn't really a concern but that's really all I know so I'm pretty clueless as to how durable lambskin can be...particularly this year's lambskin (if there's any truth to what I read/heard). Plus the whole washed caviar has me curious and is it as durable as the old caviar and is this year's lambskin better? Is this year's lambskin more durable than the ones in the past?

    For those that have either, could you tell me which you'd recommend and possibly why?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  2. Well, I would say it depends if it will be an everyday bag or just occasional wear. If it's everyday probably caviar will be the best to go for. I had lambskin, no kidding the rubs on the leather can get really serious, if you don't baby it. May I know what colour you are planning to get? I had my lambskin treated with water proof (can't really remember what the treatment called, I think it's water repellent) eg. the leather won't get too much damage from rain and also helps prevent color transfers. I've also applied protection layer, which it helps the bag not get rubs and scratches, it won't completely prevent it, but helps minimise it. :smile:
  3. Hello, thank you for the response! I'm considering either red or burgundy so it's not a super light color. I know I want to use it for special occasions but not exclusively. If like to use it during the day too if possible bc I think the style can be more versatile due to the size
  4. I actually really like calfskin , which is more durable than lambskin but still doesn't have the grainy look as caviar. I have a calfskin boy and love it! I think there is calfskin coming out in the boy for cruise later on this year.
  5. +1. I have four boys, but none in lamb. One goat, one caviar and two calf. Maybe its just me, but I find that my boy bags swing around a lot more and seem more likely to get banged around over my classic flaps and reissue, so I am hesitant to get a boy in lamb. That said, my lamb pieces (bags and SLGs) have held up surprisingly well and are much more durable than I anticipated and if it won't be your daily bag, I think the boy in lamb would be fine...especially if the lamb one makes your heart sing. Good luck deciding!
  6. For light colored cross body bags, I wouldn't recommend lambskin. Besides the scuffing/scratching you'd also have to be careful with dirt and color transfers. And it being a cross body bag, makes it even more prone to damages (IMO). Lambskin is fine if in black (if you're not too rough on your bags). It's still more maintenance than caviar or calf, but I'd take it, 'cause I do love the look of lambskin. The puffy quilting is just divine :heart:.
  7. I just returned my Lambskin. The textual of the leather wasn't what I had imagine and then it being a fragile leather. I'm also not a fan of caviar. But I do love the calfskin... Durable and has a nice look almost like the Lambskin. Also for Lambskin I was watching YouTube and this lady said her bag got so scuffed up from the leather rubbing against her clothing.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that! I think I've been so focused on lamb or caviar that I didn't even consider calf. Thanks for letting me know! Do you know which colors they're gonna come out with?

    Thank you! Initially I was considering lamb but recently saw a video about how terrible lamb wears with the boy bag, specifically bc of the design of the corners, etc. I just don't want to have to baby my bags or worry about them constantly bc I feel that that would take away from the whole thing.

    Honestly, I wasn't 100% in love with the softness of the lamb. It was soft, Etc but all I could think about is how it's going to get damaged esp the inside of it bc it's not quilted. I just worry about a $4700 bag looking trashed bc of the wear ...but maybe it's bc I've been watching too many YouTube videos lol

    I wonder if it was the same video that I watched! Lol but I feel the same way about lamb as you it seems...I will def have to check out calf since everyone seems to love it. Thank you!
  9. [QUOTE="k5ml3k, post: 30474693, member: 414461
    Honestly, I wasn't 100% in love with the softness of the lamb. It was soft, Etc but all I could think about is how it's going to get damaged esp the inside of it bc it's not quilted. I just worry about a $4700 bag looking trashed bc of the wear ...but maybe it's bc I've been watching too many YouTube videos lol

    I believe I know which video you're talking about, and her Boy was indeed a bit beat up. I'm not sure how she treats her Boy, but I just have a different experience with my lambskin Boy. I have carried it plenty of times since I got it, and it's still in beautiful condition. I do admit that I'm very careful with my lambskin bags, but even so, I do take them out of my closet into daylight a lot and only noticed a few very minor scratches that are easily treatable.

    But at the end of the day, if you're not crazy about the look of lambskin and you worry about the wear and tear, you should definitely cross lambskin off your list and go for something you can use more carefree. Calfskin is a great option. I love caviar on classic flap, but not so on the Boy.
  10. I have a lambskin backpack and a lambskin wallet and wallet on a chain...., all three are still beautiful. I was especially concerned about the wallet, bouncing around in my bag but it has been terrific. I purchased a caviar jumbo flap because it is a flap and the caviar seems to hold structure better especially in a larger bag.
  11. That's so good to hear! You guys are making me feel better. Do you tent to baby your bag or just enjoy it? I plan on using it for special occasions but would also like to use it during the day...

    Yeah, her video def freaked me out a bit. It's weird bc I heard that the lamb this year feels a little sturdier than the lamb in past seasons and the caviar is a little softer, it being washed and all. Do you know if there's any truth to that? Also, do you prefer the boy in lamb or calf? Thank you so much!
  12. Cavier but maybe not this season...check out the pre-fall collection, as a tpfer puts it, some look like Forever21 bags! Not loving the matte cavier this season.

  13. All the caviar boys I've seen and felt so far, did feel softer and different than the caviar on my other bags (classic flaps, GST, mini). I am a big fan of caviar, but somehow I just didn't love the look and feel of it on the boys. It was missing the shine and "glow" that I'm used to on my classic flaps (the iridescent caviar boys were the worst). It also sort of looked like the quilts can deflate easily, and they weren't really puffy to begin with, IMO.

    Also, I find the boy a bit masculine and bold looking, so the soft and luxurious look of lambskin kind of tones that boldness down (makes it less "harsh", if you will).
    I love calfskin, and might have gone for it, but back then when I bought my boy, I couldn't find any (classic) style in calfskin that I like.
    For me personally, I love the look of classic quilted lambskin best on the boy, and don't really mind the extra care that it requires. It's a give and take :smile:.

    Though, if you are not too crazy about lambskin and your nr. one priority is carefree usage while keeping the bag as new as possible, you should go with calfskin, or caviar.

    I recommend you go to a boutique to see and feel all the different finishes in person, 'cause this is just my opinion only and you might feel completely different after seeing and comparing the bags for yourself :smile:.
  14. Thank you so much for such a detailed response!! I really appreciate it! Although, I love the carefreeness of caviar, I don't really care for its softness either. I do prefer the puffier quilts but if the caviar didn't feel so soft, I wouldn't been able to get past it. I felt the lamb and that bag overall felt more sturdy than the caviar that I got. I'm gonna go back to the store to (most likely) return the caviar. I'll look at the lamb again and maybe hold out for a calf if one is coming for act 2 or cruise. It's just too bad bc I was pretty set on the caviar but comparing it to me 2 vintage pieces, which didn't cost nearly as much as this bag, just disappointed. The search continues...

    Can I ask how your lamb is wearing? There's a combo that is out now that I've been considering but have been hesitant bc of the leather...it's my first lambskin and my most expensive bag. It's kind of a big deal purchase for me so I just want to make sure I don't regret it.
  15. I've attached some pics of my black lambskin Boy (my camera is not the greatest, so sorry if the pics didn't come out too clear). IMO, it's held up great, seeing that I've had this bag for about 2 years and have used it (and still do) pretty often. I don't see any (major) scratches, or scuff marks. I've checked and even the corners are pretty scuff free. The white dots you see in some pics are dust particles.
    I occasionally clean my bags (both lambskin and caviar) with Meltonian leather lotion and Apple leather cleaner. I prefer the Meltonian one on lambskin bags. You can also use the white cloth that comes with your bag purchase to buff out any scratches.
    I haven't treated this Boy, but I've read that many ladies do pre-treat their lambskin bags. For more info you can check out this thread :

    If you're not 100% sure about lambskin, I strongly advice you to hold out for the calfskin. And maybe the caviar of next season will look way better. It would be a shame to spend a fortune on a bag that you'll be scared of using.
    HTH :smile:

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