2016 Holiday Collection?

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  1. Has anyone heard what this year's holiday collection alhambra necklace will be?

    Also, do holiday alhambra necklaces only come in rose gold?
  2. There have been rumors but no confirmation just yet.
    LE (holiday pendants) have been released in gold other than pink gold.
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  3. It is making me soooo curious. The last 2 years by now I already knew from my SA what it was.
  4. me too! not this year though...my SA still doesn't know!
  5. Perhaps they are still undecided?? Doubt it, but you never know.
    I really hope that it isn;t porcelain again unless the porcelain is BLUE.
    Wouldn't lapis be nice?? Turquoise?? One can dream....
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  6. I agree! As much as I appreciate onyx, I really would love to see something with COLOR in the holiday pendant! I think the standard neutral stones are lovely, but I like the special edition pieces to be, well, special! Lol.
  7. This would be an awesome Christmas if they said Surprise we have a new source for Lapis
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  8. Lapis sounds absolutely lovely.

    I was hoping for a grey mother of pearl one as well.
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  9. Lapis would be great...or turquoise even better!
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  10. Grey MOP with PG was done in 2014. I doubt very much it would be repeated this soon :sad:
  11. Agree and I am still kicking myself for not getting one, especially after seeing tgg's very enabling picture the other day.
    That one was so beautiful and looked like a true chameleon :love:.
  12. So so so sad.... I have been looking for this combination high and low that year but was unsuccessful...
  13. Remain hopeful.
    While I am afraid of the aftermarket these days, it is only a matter of time before one pops up with a reputable seller.
  14. Is today the day we find out the 2016 holiday pendant? There seems to VCA reps at Neiman Marcus today....getting excited....
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  15. I'm curious to hear too...