2016 F/W Color Swatches

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  1. I tried searching past threads to see when these colours are announced and it seems it should be soon? Did I miss a thread in my search?

    Im still looking for that perfect red so hopeful will see something in the next collection!
  2. I am wondering as well!
  3. Don't worry, I'm working on it .. ;)
  4. You're the best !:smile:
  5. Yeay! So curious to find out! Especially with the new designer at the helm!
  6. When will these 2016 Fall/Winter be available in store? I'm planing on getting my first Bbag this month, but maybe i should wait for the new colours?:shame:
  7. I'll post some pictures of some of the new 'styles'; it will come with a warning! :graucho: ;)
  8. First of all, Balenciaga always does a "pre-season" collection and then the "main" collection. Depending on the type of store - e.g., large retail stores, the Balenciaga boutiques, smaller boutiques - really factors into when the bags start rolling in.

    In general, the larger retail stores and the Balenciaga boutiques receive the merchandise first, then followed by the smaller boutiques (it kind of depends on their order).

    The pre-season starts trickling into the stores in July/August, with the main collection in September/October .. but again, it really depends on the store.
  9. Thank you CeeJay, I've only been on this forum for a day and i can already tell you're a highly trust worthy Bal source :greengrin: I'm dying to see your pictures of fall winter seasons!!
    But "new styles"?! I'm nervous now! Maybe i should really wait on wether buying my mini city!
  10. Balenciaga is being very elusive about their colors for the 2016 F/W line, so this is what I have so far ..

    1) Super bright "fluorescent" colors -


    Attached Files:

  11. .. and this is what I have so far for the 'regular' colors. Not quite sure what is "pre-season" or the Main collection; all are repeats with the exception of the Violet Prune;


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  12. Does "Jaune Flo" mean "SCREAMIN' 90s NEON YELLOW"? :biggrin: Holy crap that is bright. It's certainly very eye catching for a season I associate more with the colors in your second image. Thank you for posting!
  13. Yup .. that is a HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW for sure!!! ;)

    Agree with you on the fact that one wouldn't think that these 'neon' colors would be associated with Fall, but that's Balenciaga for you! If I recall, the previous "Fluo Lizard" line was also introduced in the F/W season .. I guess Balenciaga is seasonally challenged!! :roflmfao:
  14. Thanks for the pics CeeJay!!!

    I'm loving that violet prune!!! When might we see pics of the bags in these colors?