2014 Survivor: Brawn/Beauty/Brains

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  1. Did anyone watch the premiere last night? They had an interesting twist right at the beginning where each tribe had to choose a leader immediately and the leader had to choose one person to *eliminate*. The 3 eliminated people were helicoptered to the 3 camps and given a choice of a clue to find the II or some extra rice for the tribe.

    What astonished me was how bad the *Brains* tribe was at executing ANYTHING! If you didn't see it I can't begin to describe how helpless they were and really how dumb in having any strategy.

    I truly had no preconceived opinions about which group will overall do best, but it was one of the craziest Survivor episodes I've seen over the years. It will be interesting to see if the supposedly smart group can get their act together.
  2. At the second challenge the Brains had such a huge lead..I can't believe she messed up so bad with that puzzle. Dumping all the rice on the first week?, not so brainy if you ask me!!.
  3. I don't like that it's so easy to find the idol these days.

    This was a really great episode though. I'm glad that they kept the "mental patient" nuclear engineer and that the show ended with a good ol' blindside.
  4. That Garrett guy was too much. 'I'm used to sitting in the nicest hotels and having food brought to me..I wanted to play Survivor to outwit and outlast...not to starve and survive". Haha. What do these people think this show is about after all these years?.
  5. Exactly! I wondered if he'd ever seen an episode before. You get dirty, smelly, you eat stuff you'd never eat at home, etc. Why would it suddenly be different for him? And he wasn't happy with manual labor. I guess the rest of them were supposed to do all the work? Garrett is a shell of a man--all looks and no substance.

    It reminds me of Amazing Race when contestants freak out at something involving heights--every season has a challenge done at a great height. Or they can't drive a standard shift car. That's something I'd learn before going on that show.
  6. ^^ Exactly. He was also a really big guy...I have to wonder how long before he quit...without any rice?. He's be starving...and leave, I'd be willing to bet that's how it would have played out had they kept him.