2014 Spring/Summer Mission List

  1. I have watched the thread in shopping section and cannot seem to remember who or what people are getting.

    I thought it would be nice to see what people are going to hunt right here and maybe give an update on whether the mission has been accomplished.

    I myself am trying to finalize my list as I can not get myself on store waitlist for every single item. I want to make sure I have a pretty accurate game plan, so the chances of completing it is high.

    Let me share mine:

    1 JUMBO Fuschia Lamb (#2 on store waitlist, store getting 2 :biggrin:)
    2 Rect Mini Orange Lamb OR Jumbo Jersey (whichever right orange it maybe) - Still figuring the store that will carry it.
    3 CWC Yellow (still deciding if patent or lamb, waiting for the pictures to arrive)
    4 Wallet in Fuschia Patent (will hunt for it when the stocks arrive)

    I will come back to this thread to post pictures when acquired.

    Please share yours!
  2. This sounds fun.... Then maybe people can pm folks who are looking for a particular item?

    Here's my wish list for spring/summer....

    1. Boy metallic black woc.... (I think hardware is dark grey ruthenium or close to black)

    2. Grey suede espadrilles thick sole size 38. From pic it looks like it has leather toe cap.

    3. Fushia rect mini. Although I'm thinking I may see what kinda card cases or SLG they have in either lamb or patent....if I can't get mini. But this all depends on the shade of pink.

    4. And after checking out SF chanel boutique I have a lil something on the way to me now..... I can't wait until fed ex arrives later this week! Happy dance!
  3. this is a great list! I would definitely recommend you get on a list for #3. its a hot hot item! GL to us. and cant wait to see #4.
  4. Great idea! Since I already got my sunglasses I have only two that I am determined to get:

    1. Black 226 reissue ghw
    2. Taupe or beige/black leather espadrilles (I'm thinking these will be great for summer and my big trip this summer)

    I will be quite content with those two :smile:
  5. Thanks! I am on a few lists but I not sure if I'm ready for a bag w a pop of color yet, I'm ready for small goods in pops of color lol, plus I'm like number 22 on wait list at SF boutique so I think my odds r slim.... Which is fine bc I gotta save something for my last trip to Europe this fall....
  6. UPDATE for Item 2. If anyone can help me.. I would appreciate it!
  7. What a great thread!!

    I recently acquired the fuchsia lamb in m/l (which I love) and the light pink boy clutch.

    On waiting list for -

    Green flap

    Orange patent mini

    Fuchsia patent mini

    Yellow lamb mini

    Yellow woc

    Also want to get a light beige classic caviar ghw m/l, black caviar maxi ghw, and a black caviar ghw jumbo for my mom. Will post when I get my items!
  8. My wishlist:

    1) blue patent classic flap in m/l size
    2) fuchsia rect. mini in lambskin
    3) maybe a pair of ballet flats, will see what my local boutique will get
    4) nice earrings, don't know yet which styles will come in the S/S season

  9. Which green flap did you find?

  10. Hi Maryjoe. Have you seen the color of the blue patent?
  11. Love this thread!
    1) Graffiti Backpack in Black (!!!!!)
    2) Orange or Blue or Red or Gold patent boy
    3) Fuchsia WOC (for my sister's birthday)
  12. i always want your #1. but get sidetracked by seasonal colors. cant wait to see them!

    have you seen the patent orange? is it dark burnt orange or bright hermes orange?

    love the backback but thought they are too pricy for me. do show as soon as you get them!
  13. i am waiting to see the purple blue one in patent. i might change the orange jersey with the blue. do you know if they have 2 kinds of blue?
  14. My heart was fluttering with the Spring Summer thread.
    Gorgeous fuschia and blue calling out to me.
    I am still thinking what size to get in.

    Fuschia --- thinking of a mini
    Blue - medium classic
    Anyone know the hardware for both. Can't tell clearly from the pictures.
    I would love matte gold

    Hubby surprised me with a BOY from Paris a week ago. I am seriously thinking of selling it for the Blue classic. The braided Navy Gold Boy which I wanted but it was the new medium size. Too big for me.
    What should I do?