2014 Spring Sale Thread!

  1. That is so sweet of you!!!👏👏👏👏
  2. Would love an SA contact if anyone has one to share, I'm specifically looking for a pointy toed 100 (Pigalle or Iriza) If either of those came in that amazing turquoise, I would diieee, but will also consider other colors as well..
    It's all thanks to the lovely ladies of louboutin here that I've scored my sale shoes before, and I'm hoping I can find something awesome this sale season!
  3. Yes I'm aware but she asked about nap, not Outnet. Outnet has usually older styles.
  4. Any good BG SA to recommend? Thx
  5. Any barney sa?
  6. Stanley Korshak sale items. Will be 30% off starting June 10th or just about but they are accepting presale orders now then ship out next week.

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  7. NAP hasn't had a online sale for a few seasons now for Louboutins.
  8. sniff**yeh i reb last year they never had a sale on Louboutins as well..

  9. You need to check out the sister site Outnet. There are CL at a great mark down. Especially if you have small or large feet some times you get really good discount

    Last year I heard that CL forbids on line sale. Therefore I remember in the past Barney's and NAP have those on sale but they no longer can do it anymore
  10. Jeffrey's in ATL has had their CLs on sale for a week 30% off. I was unable to get a pic but they have the Décolleté in Crystal Python Black as of yesterday in size 39.5. They had Neptune and White also but I believe they may be sold out in all other sizes.

    I also saw So Kate spike booties, candy spike Pigalle 120, Athena sandals and flats and a few others. For more information
    Contact for store is Vernon 4048410215.
  11. Presale Tuesday June 10th from Saks in ATL. Best of luck ladies!
  12. Does anybody know if Pigalle Candy Spike will go on sale?