2014 Sienna Limited or 2014 Odyssey Touring

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  1. I am trying to decide between the two. Those who looked at them also, what did you decide to go with and why?

  2. We chose Sienna over odyssey because for what it has to offer and way cheaper ...my father own several luxury car and the last one he own after retiring was a Toyota and he said that was the car that gave the least problem and great to drive.
  3. I bought an Odyssey 3 years ago mainly because I don't like the styling on the Sienna. It looks like a tin can to me.
  4. We have an 12 odyssey and like it. My mil has a sienna. I've driven it a few times. The sienna has a little more pep to the drive but the interior looks n feels cheap. The ody interior is much more clean and better looking including the ease of use with controls. Also for me there are no tracks with the middle row seats in the ody which means less space for crud to get stuck in. I've seen the interior if my mils Toyota--she hauls her 2 grandchildren around and it's not pretty! Hth!
  5. We are driving our second Sienna. We love it--good gas mileage and so comfortable. We find them to be very quiet too. Plus they are significantly less expensive than the Honda vans. Very few mechanical problems on both of them.