2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. I think I caught up on all the quotes, phew this thread really speeds along! If I missed anyone, just know I truly appreciate all the bag love :smile:

    Today I am using my Louis Vuitton Mono Neverfull MM.

  2. Oooo, it is very pretty bag!

  3. Thank you Tuuli :smile:
  4. Ooh, I love the Willis and your Willis looks gorgeous!

    Wow, the leather on your black Bal looks amazing!

    I love the shape of the Neverfull because it seems like such a useful bag to have.

  5. It really is and I am very happy to have such a useful Tote in my collection. Sometimes though I do find her to be too big, like when I just have a wallet and my phone with me, but on days when I have to carry a lot she is perfect!!
  6. Thanks everyone, and to those of you keeping strong, that's so awesome! I think I'm feeling a bit.. cut off.. remember that big boxing day sale haul I got at Coach? I think that's what it was.. there were so many things I wanted and I couldn't buy them all and then when I went back I was keeping strong and i went back a third time and the sale was over.. so I wasn't prepared to have the decision made for me so swiftly and just feeling a bit cut off haha.. wow, definitely sound like a shopaholic...also, once I start shopping, I sort of feel like, oh well I've spent this much already, why not throw in a bit more, and it will be that way for a few weeks before I stop. I think I just have cold turkey feeling right now... hope it will go away soon.

    That's a really great system that I wish I could implement. I rarely plan out which bag I'm going to buy next so mine is the other way around - buy it and then let go of something else. I'm trying to change that around though.

    That is so beautiful. I love looking at vintage Coach bags. Would love to one day be able to add one to my collection. Your slgs are super cute too =)
  7. Both are beautiful and classic bags!

  8. Thank you egg!!!

  9. Ooh. I've always wanted one but in mom mono. Couldn't decide on colors so never got one. But yours is pretty!
  10. I love mon mono, I don't personally own any but I always love the blues and white together :smile:
  11. Very nice bag! Only having one wallet makes you more sane then me;).
  12. This morning I did call the shop but they were sold out. I kept thinking this is my favorite shape for bags and an incredible sale. I thought about it over night and if there were any left I would get one and donate something else to make room. Oh well!

  13. Amazing bal!

    That's so me at the moment. The last two months I got caught up getting my collection in order and I think I have 3 or 4 bags that haven't been used it. It's ok though because I know they are Great bags I adore and just happen to find amazing deals after the holidays for them. Just been too busy to change things up but they will definitely get used in spring. (Even though it feels like summer here in SoCal)

    Beautiful bag. I've always contemplated a Neverfull.

    Sometimes it's better when the decision is made for you and I hope it isn't "the bag that got away."

    Been lovely reading everyone's bags. I just got home from the hospital (I just had my third beautiful baby girl). My husband just informed me he got me a push present. I can't wait til it comes next week to show you all! For now still toting my Badgely.

  14. Congratulations!!!
  15. Its a great bag, too bad its being discontinued, I wanted to add a PM at some point.
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