2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. It's the hunt, the sales shopping feels a bit like that. I'm all about lulu lemon right now & if you don't order smthg online right away, it might be gone. I'll admit I pull the trigger faster because of it. I feel like I can't even use all the bags I have now so I'm hopefully good for a bag breather.
  2. MAM's are always great bags and this one is beautiful!!

    Thank you so much!

    Good for you for stepping away! I sometimes get caught up in the wonderful deals too. I unsubscribed from so many retail emails this year and it has helped a TON!
  3. This happens to me too. As soon as I get something new, I get the itch to get another something right after, it's the weirdest thing. Good for you for walking away though! I do have to admit that $50 off of $100 is a great deal as long as you stay right around the $100 mark, but definitely don't buy just for the sake of buying. Changing things up with probably help! :smile:
  4. I switched into my Rebecca Minkoff BBW MAM and love carrying this bag! Lots of room and I love the purple zipper track. Also love that it is made in NYC!

    Why do my pics keep rotating? Ugh!!!
  5. I love the BBW MAM, it's gorgeous! This will always be my RM bag that got away, ugh. I had the MAB with pink zipper and silver hardware and sold it because I felt the MAB was just too big in the BBW. .
  6. I know what you mean--I first had a BBW MAB and it was too big for me, too. Luckily I was able to get most of my money back on it but it is considerably larger (to me) than the MAM.

    I think some of the BBW MAMs are on the RM site--they had purple, red, green and blue zipper tracks before Christmas. Not enabling since this isn't the thread for that--just FYI since you mentioned this was the one that got away. :smile:
  7. Looks fantastic, love the purple zipper, so cool!
  8. Stay strong eggtart! Its always hard around this time of year with seasonal clearance but after awhile, it gets easier. I've even managed to stop buying clothes for a bit. The last time I went shopping was boxing day! I've browsed but haven't bought. I'm attempting to stay strong until the next cycle of my credit card which is almost till the end of January.
  9. Classic and lovely!

    I am seriously debating this issue. I have a couple of bags that, when I look in my closet to decide which bag to use next, I always decide not to use. But, then I feel bad because the bags are really pretty. I just don't know if I have to force myself to use something, if I should just let it go or struggle with whether or not I should keep it.

    I have been doing okay with my resolution so far, but I have to admit that I have already seen two bags that I want to pick up and add to my collection. So far, I have resisted, but I have come across a way of making each bag a bit cheaper, so I am not sure I will be able to resist for very much longer.

    It's not my particular style, but the shape is classic and if you love it, then definitely rock it! Congrats!!

    You should be proud of yourself!!! Plus, the MJ wallet is gorgeous! Love that color!

  10. I think that the Kate Spade tote is really cute. Plus, getting rid of 4 in exchange for the one is a pretty good trade.

    Have you e-mailed Kate Spade customer service a picture of the tote to see if they can tell you anything uselful?

    Great job avoiding buying another bag!

    If something is wrong with you, then something is also wrong with me. For me, it is just that I was used to constantly hunting for a new bag last year and I find that it has been difficult for me of giving up my hunting habit.

    Lovely MAM!
  11. Good luck and let us know the outcome.

    You are too cute! :lol:

    Smart move, dcooney4. Keep away from the computer. :graucho: It sounds like you already have a mz Wallace bag in your favorite color so will you "really" need or want another in the exact color? I love metallics and all things shiny but in reality, I can't really wear too much bling on a regular basis where I live. So I can understand how a shiny silver bag would not get a lot of use. But it doesn't make it easier either does it? I generally will gravitate toward more subtle metallics and bling :nogood:

    Stay strong!! :yes: That goes for me too (although I confess I made a small purchase recently). Will post this weekend.

    I sooo know how you feel. I was telling DH that I need me some retail therapy! And soon...Lol... I am proud to say that I have not been to any malls or stores since Christmas. I did not hit any of the after Christmas or new year sales (which is really good in my book). I also did not buy as much for Christmas as I usually do but the things I did buy were expensive so I probably did not save any money and probably spent more and bought less. Still I think that was better since the items would be better used.

    I know the feeling of having a good coupon and not wanting to "waste" it. It's so hard to not buy something with it. Play around in your closet and see if you can rediscover something, again. Good luck! :biggrin:

    I love the purple zipper! So fun!!
  12. Before I buy a new bag I usually sell one that I have had. I take very good care of my bags so they stay in almost like new condition and I wait to get what I think is a fair price for it and then use that money toward a new one or pre-loved one. And I try to keep a set number of bags at any given time.
  13. I was inspired by JennyErin and decided to change my bag tonight. I pulled out my vintage coach Willis bag. I know coach relaunched this style not that long ago but this bag is over 15 years old, at least. Does anyone know how I can find out? Inside the bag it is marked M72 9927. The bag is in pretty good condition considering its age and I did not store it properly for many, many years. Coach does not make leather like this any more(thick and soft). I also pulled out my coach heart coin purse to commemorate upcoming valentine's day.

  14. Your willis looks fantastic!
  15. I really like the Rebecca Minkoff bags and the Kate spade looks like a fun tote. I really enjoy seeing everyones style.
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