2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Cool.

    Then, I guess, your decision comes down to if you'd rather have purple or chestnut. I think Chestnut is one of Coach's nicest brown shades and I really like the soft red lining that it has. But, Black Violet is pretty too.

    I guess, for me, if I was going to keep a bag as a travel bag, then I would want it to go with a majority of my wardrobe. For me, that means I would need a neutral bag and, hence, I would pick Chestnut over Black Violet. Not sure, if this will help your decision or not...

  2. love it! shoes and bag are such a great combo! have a nice dinner!
  3. I'd lean towards chestnut, but black violet would pop against my outfits, since I tend to wear black and beige. We'll see. Maybe she'll fall in love with chestnut when it comes in. I don't think I'd mind either color. I'll give it more thought, she's yet to order the bag.
  4. Thank you so much DC, LV and Tuuli.
  5. Amor - that is a very pretty and classic color. Hope you had a nice evening out!
  6. Eehlers, you amaze me. Congrats on a sucessful selling month!!

    Welcome back cupcakegirl. Good luck on your move!!! So exciting!

    That is awesome news. So happy to hear how customer oriented they were. Look forward to seeing your replacement.

    Welcome back, Jenny. I was just thinking about you. Congrats on your mini Cupid. Adorable!! I wish an Eva would work for me but it's a bit too small for me when traveling. :sad:
  7. This is really pretty :smile:

    I personally would keep the purple, I really like it in that color.

    Very pretty, so girly!
  8. JACKPOT - I went down to the outlets today and had a really successful trip. I bought 5 bags!!! For the price of the mini Riley that I returned, I managed to snag 3 leather bags at Cole Haan to fill a metallic void, and I spent $25 at Banana Republic to fill the trendier part of my bag wardrobe (but I can see them as being considered staples in my closet that will work with a lot of my outfits).

    Picture 1 - my Banana Republic finds - dyed calf hair clutch, and a mini crossbody. Love them both so much. Knowing myself, I wouldn't trust myself with a designer bag in this material, but for such a steal, I'm completely OK with carrying these around and not worrying about them getting wrecked (but they won't, I will take care of them just as much as my other bags haha)

    Picture 2 - White gold Serena tote - the sides can come out like a regular tote shape but has the clasps on the inside to pull them together

    Picture 3 - white gold zip satchel - moved into this right away while I was still shopping. It's perfect for the summer and I love that it has a zip.

    Picture 4 - Victoria tote - I've been eyeing this one since the last 2 times I was at the outlets and never pulled the trigger but this was the last one left and I was able to use a coupon so I got an extra discount. I think I am now bag twins with dcooney =)

    These 5 bags all fill a void in my bag wardrobe - metallics and trendy. It was exactly 6 months this year before i bought a single bag and i think i was rewarded for finding these at such great prices haha. Now back to shopping from my own closet. Thanks for letting me share!
    IMG_20140701_234349_1500_1500.jpg IMG_20140701_234629_1500_1500.jpg IMG_20140701_234709_1500_1500.jpg IMG_20140701_234725_1500_1500.jpg
  9. I love those bags! You bought them in all the right styles to suit you at any occasion. Well done on reaching the 6 month mark you deserved it!
  10. Wow! Eggtartapproved what a great selection and even better price. The one is very similar to my parker tote. Though I think the black wallet I had bought goes with your bags collection. I really love cole haan's quality. Congrats on all the finds and holding off for six months.

  11. Whoo hoo eggtart, what a score! The calf hair bags are great. I have a weakness for calf hair accessories!

    The CH bags are also great; I love how they are metallic yet look so functional too!

    Six months; great willpower egg!
  12. These look very petty and you did great! Lots of fun bags :smile:
  13. I still can't believe you got all those for the price of the one returned. That is fantastic!
  14. Wow - that's an amazing shopping coup!! Congrats on all your new goodies and for holding off of buying anything for 6 months!
  15. I have to share another shameless photo of Fran. I've been carrying her since Saturday, and I think I have found my perfect bag - the size, the leather, the color, the carrying options...she's just wonderful.
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