2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Lately have not not been into any one designer. I seem to be all over the place.

  2. Marc Jacobs (y'all are shocked, right?) - bags, SLGs, shoes, jewelry, fragrance, makeup - whether MbMJ or Collection, I love him. Lately, his collection items aren't really items I want to necessarily own, but I still love seeing the new collections - so much craftsmanship goes into them!

    I always like seeing the new seasonal colors for Chloe and Longchamp, too.
  3. Thanks lv! Moving is not the funnest thing... but I am very excited about decorating the new place!
    Love it and the spy pics, Jenny! I want to see more pics of this cute bag...
    Fun bunch of SLG's!!! Love the colors!
    Good grief woman, you're so organized!!!
  4. This is lovely, the gray is gorgeous!!! Congrats!
    It used to be Balenciaga for me, but now I don't have any favorites.
  5. Since I haven't posted any pics in a while, here's what I'm carrying now... my beloved bal. :love:
  6. cupcakegirl- Beautiful bag! Congrats on the move. Moving is always tons of work but the decorating part is a ton of fun.
  7. So pretty! I had a chance to get one in pink but it got snatched up at the rack before I could decide. Lol. I'd love it in this color better though! Love the stams. It came in a gorgeous purple but the only size available at the Rack was too big for me.
    Yay! Do you use Cadillac for all your bags?

    Definitely need to do this for shoes. I keep looking at the tally in my Stylebook and I'm surprised I have that many shoes. I wear like 5 all the time and the rest are always hidden in their boxes.

    No more bags and shoes! Lol!

    My favorite designer is LV. I love seeing what'll be new. Not that I'll buy most of the time, but LV is one of the designers I always check for new items.

    I too used to be about Coach, but I haven't been into anything they have lately. I've been really disappointed with the lack of new styles for the Madison line and the seemingly discontinued Poppy line.
  8. All the bal posts make me want to look into Balenciaga.

    So pretty, I love this shade of brown.
  9. Do you all pick a bag based on outfit? Or on weather? Or because you feel like carrying a certain bag?

    I have this "schedule" where I wear one bag for 3 weeks. I am pretty lazy to switch from bag to bag multiple times a week, since each bag has different carrying capacity and would allow me to carry or not carry certain items.

    So because I do this, my outfits don't usually coordinate with my bag. Does that retract from my looking put together? Or are my bags neutral enough for me to plop it with any outfit?
  10. Nothing in or out for me in June but I'm going to the outlets today so that may change for July :smile: my fave were coach and Gucci and I'd religiously checks them. Now, I find myself checking LV a lot and have some 'wants' but nothing I plan to get right away.

    Hope you get settled into your new place soon! As always, that bal is gorgeous. Such the most amazing shade of brown.
    I'm really bad at coordinating things, so for me, no, my outfit does not necessarily match my bag :sad: I'll just carry whatever bag I want, unless it's for a specific occasion.
  11. All of the above! Also where I'm going. Different bag if I'm going to a sporting event and there are some bags (visible logo) I will not take to work. Open top bags are not an option if I'm going to be on public transportation. I tend not to carry black bags in the summer, nor white ones in the winter.
  12. Cupcake - so happy your moved went well and so very happy to see your bal pics! She's really hot! :smile: (love bals)

    I usually have my coach duffle on me for day use and switch my after hours (no kids) bag for outfits. With SoCal weather I don't have to care about weather since it's always sunny. (Except for this week, it's humid! Yuck. Sorry to those who live in the south, I know your humidity is worse, I'm just a wimp. )
  13. Lovely!

    It depends. If it's raining, I have a few bags that tolerate rain well and pick from those (even though it never seems to rain in Central California anymore). Otherwise, I just pick whatever I want to carry -- that may be by outfit or just because I want to carry it. I don't have a particular bag schedule, but I do try and make sure that my bag "goes" with my outfit, even if it does not "match" it.
  14. I wear what ever I am in the mood for unless it is foul weather .
  15. I can hardly wait to get the email for the replacement bag. They received the damaged one yesterday . I am looking forward to the new one. I hope they send it fast.
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