2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. I usually use my old coach legacy. It was my first designer bag I ever bought. I love it because no logos on the outside, perfect crossbody if needed and side pocket for easy grab of map, etc. I should say was my go to bag. Now, not sure if it would work with the littles and we haven't flown with them all yet. For now though it's nicely stashed in her dust bag and will come out for air in a month or so for her massage (leather conditioner).
  2. Catch up post here.

    Great color combo of fuchsia and navy. So cute of you to support DH's addiction via your bag.

    I really like the look of the herbag but I'm not sure I about the closure mechanics. I feel the same way about the Kelly. Love the look but not sure about the mechanics to open/close.

    Love purple and the Francesca looks amazing.

    Congrats on your AH. The color is beautiful and the mustard compliments the bag so well. Congrats on such an amazing bag. Awesome score.
  3. Congrats on your new HH Conrad. I am really liking everything about this bag. Nice choice.

    What a great bag. I really like the way the straps can adjust so it can be carried in different ways. Always a winner when a bag has versatility.

    Such pretty slg's. It'll be awesome inside your AH.

    So glad you found a way to repurpose an older item in your collection. The slg's are super cute.
  4. Such a classic beauty!

    Your bag and wallet was made for each other (including the color of the hardware)!

    Congrats for staying strong. Such a pretty green bag!

    Amazing how your Liebeskind has held up. Your bag withstood amazingly.

    Super cute!
  5. I will have to check out some of the ones you mentioned.
    Haha. I don't even know which coach bags are mff vs not mff. Yeah, I prefer low key.

    I prefer no logos when traveling, except for Vegas. In Vegas, it's all over the top anyway.
  6. Mimmy and eehlers love those mbmj bags with their lovely leather. Tuuli- You bag looks great after all it his been through. Amor- It too prefer to fly under the radar when traveling.
  7. Well June is coming to an end today. How did everyone do this month?
    I ended up bring the lovely tote back . My dd needs a zipper top and as much as I love the simplicity and color it was just to big for me. I wish they made it a few inches smaller in both directions.
    1 bag out, 0 bags in , 0 slgs in and 0 slgs out.
  8. 2 bags in, 2 SLGs in, 13 bags out, and 3 SLGs out.

    My goal for July...ZERO in!
  9. Wow that is amazing! Way to go!:biggrin:
  10. Hey guys!!! :wave: How's everyone doing?
    I've been away too long... I think I have to go back and read 50+ pages just to catch up on this thread! I am in the process of moving, so things have been busy, busy, busy!

    Cannot believe that June is over! Here's my June tally:
    0 in
    0 out

    I still plan on sending some bags off to consignment, but it just didn't happen this month like I had hoped... so that is my July goal.
  11. June:
    1 out- repurpsed SLG
    0 SLG and bags in! (Though, shoes came in....oops).

    July Goal:
    0 SLG, bags, shoes, accessories. Lol.
  12. This week I plan to actually properly care for my bags, (was just reminded by louvigilante). The SA at Chanel recommended Cadillac leather cleaner(?) because it's what they used at the boutique to care for the display bags.

    So I got some at Nordstrom, I plan to wipe down everything inside and out. Then care for the leather. And repeat for shoes, including weatherproofing my boots.

    Times like these make me glad I don't have too many bags to clean. Shoes on the other hand...
  13. As far as july goes I can't say I will do so well. I was told that I might be able to get a bag I have been wanting for a long time at a discount even though it is sold out everywhere else.
    On top of that I just called the company with the clutch and told them I would pay the small difference if I could order a different style all together. The lady was a sweet heart and said yes I could. Just waiting for her confirmation email which I guess she will send once she receives the damaged one. I won't be counting that one as it is just a replacement.
  14. That doesn't count, since you're replacing a damaged/defected item.

    What will you replace it with?
  15. I opted for a grey crossbody bag they have on sale now. The leather on the pouch was nice quality so I think just the design change will be great. I have grey vans that would match too! I was tempted to get a bright color but grey will go very well with my wardrobe. It is the one that is a similar cut and shape as the evelyn you want.
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