2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Today I carried my Longchamp, since the weather was awful. :rain:
    I have to say, this was such a surprisingly great purchase from 2013. I bought it specifically for rainy days, but I really love it! It is lightweight, durable and utterly carefree.

  2. Love this! How big is it? Like compared to a small water bottle. I fear if I get one my little daughters will try to steal it!!! Hahaha!

    I'd go with one tote for beach and team building, one all around bag (cross body perhaps?) for every day use, and one clutch for dinners. I'd also take a wristlet for the on the go use if you don't want to take your everyday bag. Love Maui.

  3. I hear ya. Perhaps joining and seeing how others are coping might help. Last year I did a massive purge because I wanted to try new designers and just never wore my old bags anymore. Now I feel like I know what I like and just filling in gaps. The worst part is not buying whenever but to be honest I probably shouldn't since I'm really only 1 or 2 bags away from a well rounded collection. After that I will focus on big ticket bags on my dream list. Read your collection... Amazing!

    How I wish we had some rain! Please don't throw rocks but I'm dying for cold weather. It was 80 today. I just want cooler weather considering I'm just a walking heater (I'm 38 weeks pg). Anywho, always wondered how people like the Longchamp bags. Looks like a good durable bag for that type of weather! Love to hear more about it.

  4. This is true. I don't know if I'll purge yet, but I want to get my first Chanel this year. It won't happen if I keep buying things other than this bag. I believe the Chanel will be the last on my wish list (plus all the price increases make newer items too pricey for my liking). So I definitely should enjoy what I have while I save for my wish list bag. I'll stick around then :smile:

    I wish we had a winter in SoCal. Or some cold weather. I'd like a small break from all the heat.

  5. Me too! I think it's suppose to cool off for us next week but who knows. I am getting beyond jealous of everyone who can wear a sweater or scarves!
  6. I finally took a family photo of my collection! And then I took a photo of how they sit in my bag cupboard :lol:


    Prada BN1786
    Prada BN1801
    Prada BN1801

    Louis Vuitton
    Alma PM in Epi
    Alma PM in DE

    Medallion Tote

    Oroton Roche Tote
    Oroton Entourage Tote

    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Classic Q Hillier Hobo

    Rebecca Minkoff
    Rebecca Minkoff Affair

    It's going to be a lot easier to shop from my own bag collection in 2014. Right now I'm selling/giving away 1 Oroton and 1 Rebecca Minkoff (not included in photos). And then possibly consigning my Chanel Medallion and Prada BN1801 in Pink since I haven't used them to warrant keeping.
    13.JPG 14.JPG
  7. Stunning collection! Love the cabinet you have them in too.
  8. eehlers that red bag and wallet is so pretty. Everyone has such lovely bags. I'm still using my longchamp since I'm snowed in anyway.

  9. It's really small - just a few inches wide. I am using it for lip balm, lipstick and hand sanitizer - and that's all it can hold. I really think it's meant to be a coin purse. :smile:

  10. Thanks! I haven't seen the Franny yet, but it sounds cute. The color of this one is Chianti - it's a wine red color that I just love. I do love me some MJ/MbMJ - great leathers and pretty yet functional styles. :smile:
  11. OMG this is THE best thread ever! I definitely need to join. I go in cycles... buying...purging...buying...purging...I'm back to buying AGAIN! Last year I was down to just THREE bags and just last month I got 4 new ones. So I really need to shop my own closet like you guys. And I just bought 3 new wallets in 3 weeks! Who does that?! Why do I need those? I kept trying to talk myself out of the last wallet, but couldn't. I rationalized it by saying I need a wallet for every season...so now I have 4 in total. Bizarre, non?

    Anyway, so happy I found this thread! Thanks Eggtart for starting this!
  12. I adore your bag cabinet! You have a great collection as well.

    I'm not moving out of my Dooney Dillen not with all this snow. Ughh!

    I've never done a collection pic, now my wheels are turning, lol!
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    You could come to MI, we are in the middle of snow/cold wave, it is -6F (felt temp is -19F) outside right now :biggrin: . I was pregnant during heat weave and was sitting in front of open fridge.

    Lovely collection! I really like how you store them!

  14. Yes mon mono is a great one! I keep going back and forth on getting one as I already have a plain mono speedy but I just love how personal it is!

    Good luck with the packing!!

  15. So jealous of your weather but I feel for you in the prego situation! I have been preggers twice both in the height of summer, not fun! Good luck on your delivery!!

    Also if you are interested in a Longchamp, I used (and still do on family outings) a large one in red for my diaper bag and I loved it!! It's so worry free and easy to haul around.
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