2014 resolution - shopping from my own bag and wallet collection. Any one else?

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  1. Hi everyone! I have some spare time so I thought I would let you know how my 2013 resolution ended, and start early on my 2014 goals - would love to hear from others about how they did, what new goals they have in 2014, and also welcome new members!! =D

    Last year's resolution - "Every year I resolve not to buy any more bags or wallets until I can get more use out of the ones I already own... of course, that never works haha. THIS YEAR, in order to achieve my goal, I've allocated one bag and wallet to every month so that the majority of items will get used... this is also an exercise to help me use what I have and not just save them up for 'special occassions' or my 'imaginary lifestyle,' as I am guilty of those things too haha.... I based my choices on the mood of the season or holiday."

    After a year of this these were my results - I started out with the one per month rotation pretty well but eventually realized that for practical reasons, it wouldn't work very well so it evolved into a 'per need basis'. I discovered that medium structured satchels with crossbody or shoulder strap options (or ones that could fit over my shoulder if I absolutely needed hands free) worked best for work. For weekends, I tried to downsize to smaller bags and was also able to incorporate my larger clutches into the mix on a regular basis (huge win since I had purchased quite a few of the Coach legacy clutches the year before and wasn't quite sure when I would use them). My Gucci bags didn't see much action but I still love them hehe - I DID however, use my black leather Guccissima Boston that hardly saw the day of light before, so I consider that a win. Wallets - I didn't purchase any and actually ended up selling 5 smaller wallets that didn't fit my lifestyle (HUGE WIN).

    I did add 10 items to my collection but they were pieces that were purchased knowing they would be used heavily or were staple pieces missing from my collection - 2 totes (1 purchased using gift card), 2 crossbody (1 was a gift), 2 satchels, 1 clutch, 1 weekend tote, 1 top handle (HG), and 1 top handle flap.

    I sold 2 bags and have a few more listed so I'm on my way to clearing out the items that don't work. I didn't make it through my whole collection so I imagine I will have more to list this year. I will be putting the funds from those sales towards my Mon Monogram Speedy 35 B that is very personal to me, and hope to get that by August 2014. It will be the first bag that I save for and I'm hoping that since it is such an important bag goal for me, I will not be side-tracked and purchase other items.

    My 2014, slightly modified resolution, is to continue to use the bags and wallets in my collection, downsize my collection (hope to get down to ~10 wallets, ~25 bags), and only purchase my Mon Monogram.

    Really excited for 2014 to start and can't wait to see everyone's lovely bags!
  2. You did a wonderful job! :tup:

    My plan for 2013 was to not buy anymore bags. But after some time I realized the collection I had I wasn't using at all, and I held onto many bags for sentimental reasons. So instead I sold 21 bags and accessories and bought a couple of bags. I have 10 bags in my collection now. I'm embarrassed I was able to redo my collection very fast but with money I made from selling bags, a tax refund, and a bonus it made it very fun to purchase several much adored bags.

    My resolution for 2014 is now to properly rotate the bags I have in my collection and to purchase only 1 bag in 2014. I really love the Diorissimo in Medium, but the price is putting me off. So perhaps something else, because we know there will always be another bag to fall in love with. :lol:
  3. This coming year I want to keep my bags as organized as they are now. No squeezing bags together,so that means if I want a new bag I either have to sell or give one away. I have also have to give some of my nicer bags more use. I also figured out that I prefer more structured bags with exception of crossbodys. I prefer medium size bags. When I have bought bigger bags I rarely wear them. So no more big bags.
  4. WOW, you sold 21 items? That's amazing, what a purge! Yes, I held on to a few bags longer than I should have for sentimental reasons.. now that they are gone, I don't miss them at all and feel a lot lighter... looking forward to seeing your collection =)
  5. ME too! I still have to break out that Gucci HG - it was my first major major designer purchase and at the time, I thought it would end all my bag craziness.. that was 7 years ago and it hasn't subsided haha
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    This was one of my favorite threads last year and I am happy that I can be part of it in 2014.:smile:
    My bag story: we moved here from Europe about 10 years ago and I enjoyed the cheap selection of handbags in Ross a lot. These were the times when $20 bag seemed expensive. I had around 100 bags in one moment. :shame: I started serious purge about 2 years ago, my aim was to get rid of all the cheap stuff and replace quantity with quality. I sold as many as I could and donated a lot. I don't know the latest number but it should be around 40 bags plus 15 wallets. Some of them have sentimental value and will be kept. I will continue the purge next year.
    It would be nice to promise that I will not buy any bags/wallets in 2014 but being realistic, I will try to limit it to 4 items. Year is very long time :smile:
  7. My goal is zero bag purchases! I bought one for my 30th birthday in 2014 but it was bought in 2013 while they still made that bag and I plan to break it out next summer. I managed to only buy 2 in 2013 (including the early bday gift) and was gifted one small wallet.
  8. Love this thread. My resolution is to buy maximum 2 this year, as I have totally splurged for the last two years. My bag history is a bit funny - I have gone from almost nothing (one Coach, one MK, few fakes that I then sold off in a garage sale or gave to others) to about 20 in two years period that includes a range from Coach to Givenchy, LV and Prada. I am content - in fact only buy one within past three months - that is also as appreciation to a huge project that I just finished and a Christmas gift to myself.... Let's check end of 2014 how successful I will be!
  9. I think it's great that your being so realistic. You're right, a year is a long time and I when I used to say it, the second the words came out of my mouth, I'd see a bag I wanted the next day haha. I like to think that now my focus is to be more selective fathering than being on a ban

    you have a lot of will power! What was your birthday bag?

    can't wait to see them! If I stray one purchasing just my mon monogram this year, it will be because I have found the perfect gray bag :smile:
  10. Yes, as soon as I content comes a bag which I MUST have. :biggrin:
  11. I'm so excited to join this year!!! Thanks eggtartapproved, for continuing this! :biggrin:

    I'm going to finish the year by compiling a list of bought/sold bags for 2013 to help me continue to hone in on what actually works for me and what doesn't.

    My goal for 2014 is to continue to whittle my collection! I want a small collection of bags (aiming for 6) that ALL get used on a regular basis. I will not say "I won't buy any bags in 2014" because that is not realistic for me. But it will have to fall under the "one in, one out" rule.
  12. I like the "one in, one out" rule too, it helps to keep amount under control.
  13. Kate Spade Gold coast large Maryanne in black and gold! I had contemplated getting a Chanel PST but after some research and weighing pros and cons, I didn't think it was worth it but I still wanted a quilted tote so this was perfect! My will power is only towards bags - I went crazy buying bags back in 2010-2012, so I started working towards not buying in 2013. However, I haven't managed to curb my buying of clothes! Need to work on it in 2014!
  14. I love Kate Spade bags!
  15. Yay! Very excited to join in for 2014.

    In 2013 I purged a lot of my gateway bags (10 Coach) and started to venture Into other designers and buy unique bags I loved. I did keep 3 or 4 of them because I loved them and were special to me in some way or form. I found I'm a satchel gal (anything on my shoulder reminds me of my diaper bags -- I will have 3 girls under 3.5 by mid January) and now know to buy what works for me. In 2014, I want to keep my bag buying to only 3 bags (one fun warm bright color -red or yellow or even orange, and two to fill in the cracks in the collection). I also want to keep rotating them so I can get more use out of them instead of them just sitting around.

    I also want to keep my shoe buying craze down to a minimum: 3 (2 preferably ballet flats, 1 pair of running shoes since I'm a runner). I started to purge shoes and already got rid of at least 8 pairs I never wear but it didn't help I added 4 pairs of Fryes into my closet. :smile:

    Lastly, I want to buy one wallet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wallet but want to get something in a fun color.

    Figures crossed I can stick to this!
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