2014 New Cartier Ballon Bleu steel with diamond markers

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  1. It's nice, but I prefer the version with the Roman numerals around the whole face - it's more classic Cartier IMO.

    I wouldn't knock back one if it was a gift though!
  2. Very nice, love it!!
  3. I actually prefer the original without diamonds, but it does give a choice for someone who wants something different, which is cool.
  4. I love it!!!! The diamonds add a nice touch
  5. I prefer the original.
  6. I prefer the original :smile:
  7. It's very pretty.
  8. I love it.

  9. It´s 5.850 EUR here in the german online store, which is about 8.000 USD.
  10. I emailed cartier...that one is 7250 in the U.S. :smile:

  11. Thanks. I'm interested...
  12. I just think it´s great to finally have a choice. If you wanted diamonds, you could only either get a two-tone or a gold one. But now, there is this more affordable version, hopefully they will do the same with the Tank Anglaise :smile: