2014 FIFA World Cup

  1. I did a quick search and I couldn't find a thread discussing the World Cup, so I made this one! Is anyone else watching it? I know this forum is mostly for fashion fans, but are any football fans here too? And did you guys catch the Spain v. Netherlands match? Ouch!
    If there's already a thread for the World Cup that I missed, please close this one and redirect me :p! I saw the World Cup Friends thread, but from what I could tell it wasn't discussing the games directly...
  2. Yessss I'm from the Netherlands. Nobody ever expected we'd win with 5-1. Overjoyed!!!
    I only watch when it is world champion or European championship.
    The streets here are decorated with orange flags.

  3. So excited for you!!
  4. I'm watching it! I had to miss today's matches, but I'll be home for England vs Italy and I can't wait!
  5. It's starting now! Who are you rooting for in this match? Not gonna lie, I'm hoping Italy wins :smile:
  6. Me too! I love the Oranje, but Spain got annihilated :wtf:! Casillas looked defeated, and he was!
  7. My husband and 10yo son are recording and watching every single game! We are a big soccer family anyway, all 4 of my kids play travel soccer and my husband coaches all of their teams ⚽️ They root for Argentina as that's where my husband's family is from.
  8. Oooooh! Argentina, huh? I bet Argentina fans at the Cup are having quite the field day with all those Brazilians! Argentina should have no problem beating Bosnia. Are they watching now? Oh, and did they see Uruguay v. Costa Rica? That was surprising!
  9. Argentina beautiful country

  10. Yes, that was an exciting game! I know my family will be glued to the tv for tomorrow nights' game.
  11. I bet they will be! Let's just hope it's not another win for the underdog in that case, as it's been for a few so far! Has anyone seen the "bippity boppity boo" Gatorade commercial? I'm not sure if it plays outside the US, but I think it's adorable :hbeat:
  12. Oh and that first red card for Uruguay! I don't know what some of these guys are thinking, I mean they knooooow they're going to get a penalty card if they try to hit another player!
  13. That Netherlands vs. Spain match? My mom was facepalming the last half of the match. The penalty kick for Spain shouldn't have been given, I just don't see how it warrant one after replaying the scene several times and the one given to Brazil? Even more bizarre. Already, there have been quite a few surprises... Well, still ways to go so....
  14. I completely agree! All of the players overreact as though they've just been shot when, in reality, they're like tickled. The Mexico v. Cameroon game was just ridiculous. I don't know what that ref was doing!
    Did anyone else feel bad for Diego Costa? He was booed every time he had the ball...it was really sad:cry::shucks:
  15. I will, however, say that Xabi Alonso's penalty shot was gorgeous, as is he. The color of his beard confuses me, but I like it:cool:! It was nothing compared to Cavani's shot though, that was extraordinary. The game was horrid for Uruguay, but that was magical.
    Oy, this Italy v. England game is getting me all riled up! Balotelli's head was fantastic. Ugh, England keeps making little mistakes...