2013 - Special Order TPF Knot - Exciting News Post 609!!!

  1. Another question: SO is only available for US orders??

  2. Photos were sent to the Italian workshop and he's waiting to hear back on next steps.

    Thanks for checking in and for your thoughts!
  3. I thought someone was coordinating with an SA in Paris. If you read thru this thread you will find the details.

  4. I did the research, you can do an SO with Pascal. It is in this thread

  5. Thank you!
    I wonder if it's possible to order a simple woven leather version of the knot clutch? I love the woven element

  6. I will PM you
  7. Hey everyone!

    The lovely Kevin updated me today that BV will be replacing one side of my knot.

    He's been great and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product. Will post here when I get it back.

    Thanks for all your thoughts. I really appreciated them as I wasn't sure I was making an issue out of nothing.

  8. Great news & enjoy your knot:biggrin:
  9. so glad it is working out. enjoy your knot.
  10. Yay! But I'm not surprised. BV is all about customer service and while your knot was gorgeous, I think we can all say, the wrinkling was a bit odd. Sad thing is, you're without that beauty for another 6-8 weeks!
  11. You can SO any bag.
    You just need to upgrade the skin it is originally made in
    Special Orders take a long time
    You need a good SA
    Try Joyce in Atlanta or Kevin in Chicago

  12. Alright!!! Can't wait to see the results.
  13. Great news! BV and Kevin know how to deliver a great customer experience. I am taking my knot on the road with me over the next few weeks for trips to LaLa land, OC, and my favorite destination PDX. She will be safely tucked into my carryon for biz dinner engagements. What the heck, I am going to enjoy this knot and not leave her in a drawer at home.

  14. Travel well & enjoy the knot....:biggrin:
  15. I've known Kevin a long time--so happy to hear he was able to work out the problem with the SO Knot. Kevin is the epitome of great customer service and a superb representative of BV quality.