2013 - Special Order TPF Knot - Exciting News Post 609!!!

  1. 'Just got a call from Kevin. The SO knots will deliver to the Chicago boutique on Monday!!!!! Yippee.

  2. Can't wait to see "pics'...:biggrin:

  3. Yay! I just saw the charge on my CC. Can't wait. We are out of town until next weekend, so I won't see mine until then, earliest.

    I'm so looking forward to any pics posted before then.
  4. Our SO knots have left Chicago and are scheduled to deliver via FedX on Thursday. Kevin said the Plum Ostrich is a very rich and saturated purple. I am counting down the hours to delivery!
  5. JBurgh, just want to send a huge Grazie for making this SO knot a reality.
  6. You are welcome. Kevin sent me a picture of my knot, it is beautiful!
  7. I am so looking forward to seeing the photos.
  8. Can't wait for the reveal!!

    Happy BV New Year to you all!!
  9. Here is a little teaser...

    I love the colors that match Corgis :graucho:
  10. Ooooooh! :popcorn::woohoo:
  11. haha--I never thought of matching a bag to my dog. He's a fawn color, so I suppose it could be done. FedEx called with one of their automated calls saying it will be here tomorrow. Can't wait to see the Stone with purple lining.
  12. I'm so excited to get the clutch!!! Kevin said it should be here soon!!!
  13. Tomorrow, tomorrow. We should get them on Thursday!
  14. I can't wait for the reveals
    I love struzzo!!!!
  15. Can't wait to see the reveals today!