2013 Rose Bonbon vs. Rose Thulian

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  1. I saw the swatch of Rose Bonbon and the showroom pictures on lovebbags.com. Do you think the look alike a lot?
  2. Hey *Cat* ..

    it's soooo hard to tell; Balenciaga color swatches are notorious for being "off" from the true colors (plus, I do think the HW color makes a difference in how the color appears). Unfortunately, the only true way to tell the difference is to put the bags/colors side-by-side.

    Sorry ...
  3. Thank you CeeJay. Seems I have to wait to see. Unfortunately many times this means missing some of the previous season's colors.
  4. Sadly, I can relate! I've missed plenty of colors that I really wanted, but luckily, I've been able to get quite a few later on (pre-owned). I know that's tough for you in Greece. Since I'm moving out to California (and will have a plethora of places to shop/buy Balenciaga now!), I'll keep an "eye" out for you! I'm pretty good at color comparisons ...
  5. Thank you so much. Please do let me know as soon as you can make a comparison. Nice that you are moving to sunny California (not that I don't envy living in NY;)).:heart:
  6. I'm currently in Boston, not NYC (if I was in NYC, I would be in the same amount of trouble shopping-wise!).

    No problem .. happy to help "enable"!! HA HA HA ;):graucho:
  7. Boston, NY, ... whatever, in the States you have so many places to shop Balbags! Lucky you!:biggrin:
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    I'm in the same dilemma as you! I love how rose thulian looks but wonder if rose bonbon will look better >_<
  9. Hi Cat1967,
    I went to our bal retailer and saw IRL RT, amazing, the color is really beautiful, yummy.
    now i'm also in the same dilemma as you.
    RT or waiting for RB????
  10. I will wait for RB to come out as I don't want to make the mistake of buying RT now and regretting it a few months later. However, I might be making a mistake and regretting not buying while I could again a few months later. Anyway, right now my wallet is screaming no, no, no ... so I will have to wait anyway.:crybaby: