2013 RH Work has feet?

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  1. Hello,
    Just wondering if 2013 RH Work has feet?
    I know 09, 10 no feet.
    Never feet again for RH Work? :shucks:
  2. I am confused too. Can someone tell us, please!
  3. My RH Work 2013 Rouge Cardinal has feet.
    I thought only Part Time that had changes on the feet, no?

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  4. My 2013 ultra violet has feet. :smile:
  5. Yes, both my Rouge Cardinal and my Ultraviolet have feet as my older of 2011 ones had.
  6. @queen, life, cat,
    Thank you all for answering. It does have feet. I got my 2013 UV RH work, it has feet!
  7. As I said I also have the UV RH Work. We are bag twins!:smile: I am so glad for you!
  8. My 2013 Black RH Work has feet also =)