2013 Planner refills

  1. Any ideas when they will be available?
  2. They are available now. I just ordered two sets this morning. :smile:
  3. I've checked several times and the 4 x 7 ones say they are out of stock on my screen. I find that the 6x8 ones are in stock now, but not the others. I hope they become available soon.
  4. I purchased both sizes last week.
  5. I just went to the coach site again and mine shows out of stock. After I select the 4x7 planner it says I have to select the size even though there is only one "size" which is "12" and as soon as I click on that it says it is out of stock and the "add to cart" button disappears. Am I doing something wrong? Usually putting things in my cart is not a problem. ;)
  6. I did not find them on line. I called Coach and placed my order over the phone. You can also get them at the full price coach boutique.
  7. Sorry, I should have added that I called and ordered two sets this morning.
  8. Awesome, thanks! We just got a new Coach store that opened in town so I will give them a try.