2013 color question

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  1. Need Help- I have read on at least 3 reputable sites that Balenciaga makes BLACK and WHITE each season. However, I am looking at a black city which has a letter code- I [f/w 13], but in that seasonal color batch, there is no black. There is only black in the s/s 13 grouping, which should have the letter code J.

    Do they make black and white each season, OR was fall 2013 an exception where black wasn't included?

    Thank you for the help. I am currently confused based on conflicting information I've been reading!
  2. They make black every season. They do not make white every season though. That may have been the case in early years, but it certainly has not been for some time now. Barring other authenticity concerns, your 2013 I tag noir is legit. :smile:
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  3. Wow thank you so much!! You have given me incredible relief with this information!! You're a lifesaver
  4. lol you're welcome :smile: