2012 Violet color

  1. Can anybody describe how this new Violet compares with 07 Violet?
  2. Novalie, you are from Switzerland, where abouts?
    I am from Berne, the capitol city.
    Love the purple color really a lot, but the leather is on the dry side, should I keep her or ask for another
    Will post pics soon.
  3. Hello Ruiruiwinter, nice pics, that`s how the violet really looks like.
    I was hoping for a darker violet though.
  4. OMG!!! This is gorgeous! I'm in NY right now, must drop by & check it out! They must just have them in bec they didn't have it a week ago. Thanks for the intel Ceejay & Rui for sharing the pics.
  5. The '07 Violet was more "plummy"; this has more red undertones .. but the color is nicely saturated, so it's definitely more intense than Raisin.
  6. I would say that the first pic that *ruirui* posted is the most accurate. It's a dark/lush purple.
  7. Thanks for posting these pics ruirui! I might have to get a SGL in this color!
  8. This is just stunning! In fact, this is almost exactly how my Blue Lavendar PT looks IRL but doesn't pick up in photos. Man oh man I think I may need to grab at least a wallet or something in this color. Thanks for posting these for us to drool over. :graucho:
  9. I went to Barney & it's the deep purple that caught my eye while i was approaching the new Bal display counter. So so gorgeous! I may have to wait till i get back to Hawaii & buy it from NM instead. I think i like it more than the Raisin, i wish they have it w/ the Giant RGH. It would stand out more on a City. I may have to settle on another RH bec the mini RG looks too small, i don't think it's worth the price.
  10. THank you for the comparison! I like the 07 Violet and am thinking of replacing it with the new Violet. I do prefer purples with more red.

  11. I know a lot of us have been speculating about the Dark Violet so I thought I'd put one of the Dark Violet pic side by side with whatever Violet Bbags I have. My pics were taken under natural lighting while the Dark Violet pic might have been taken indoors, so IRL it may still differ... here goes.


    Judging from the pictures it looks like a cross breed between the Sapphire and the Eggplant not as bright as the Violet? I'm no expert. You guys be the judge :graucho:
    Dark Violet Comparison copy.jpg

  12. Great pic, thanks!! I agree, it is very similar to eggplant and Sapphire. To me it seem to lean more towards eggplant.
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  15. Finally the pic I wanted
    Violet GRH Velo 005.jpg