2012 summer mini raok

  1. ^lol

    i got to try out my ink, it's not very good but shows the color well:
  2. Good to know! I need to go mark this in my little black book!!:lol:
  3. What a gorgeous color! And that writing!:faint: If dh and I ever (we won't:p) have an anniversary party you're doing the invites!!
  4. Gorgeous, MB!
  5. That's awesome MB! Beautiful color too!!

    We have three more reveals!! I guess PIM will go tomorrow too.
  6. Sorry all hottie babies are on the mend!!! I hope they're feeling better today!!!

    Lol, nice and slow!!!!
  7. Beautiful ink and calligraphy!!!! I wish I had a party to throw w invites w that writing style!!! Gorgeous!!!!!
  8. That looks amazing! I always wanted to learn calligraphy.:biggrin:
  9. 2many - you got great gifts! Thanks for the reveal.
    MB - i love the nail polishes and the earrings!!
  10. Man I just caught up - so many gorgeous presents from such talented HHotties.

    I am nominating MT to wrap all presents from now on and MB to write all our thank you notes.
  11. MT you are so talented!!! Loved that reveal Anna! That wrapping was :faint: and what fab goodies! :ps:
  12. Lauri and MB great reveal! :lol: love the no pants photo album! The earrings and polishes are gorgeous!

    Mishka and PIM I hope your kiddos feel better soon :hugs:
  13. Dupe post sry!
  14. Here here!!
  15. That's gorgeous, mothbeast! I love the color.

    I'll be out of town most of the afternoon but should be back and ready to reveal this evening!