2012 SF CL Play Day!

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Which date(s) do you prefer for our SF CL Play Day?

  1. March 3

  2. March 10

  3. March 17

  4. March 24

  5. March 31

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Girl 6, please add me to the list! I will try my best to make it out! It may be one of my last tPF meets in the Bay Area for a while..
  2. Count me in!
  3. I'm in!
  4. I'd love to join!
  5. count me in!

    oh nooo, where are you going?
  6. ^:: paws indi3r:: Panda is Manhattan-bound! Got my acceptance letter from Columbia, ^_^. I plan on returning to San Francisco though, :biggrin:!! Don't worry!!!

  7. that's the only weekend i will not be available
  8. Is there a date picked yet? I'll be visiting my parents back home in SF weekend of march 3.
  9. Here's what has been chosen:

  10. Oh wow, congratulations!!!! :party:
  11. Dusty, I read you are getting married soon! I am getting married as well in October!:drinkup:Congrats!
  12. ^ thanks Lizzie! Yep August 11... Have fun planning yours - it goes by so fast :smile:
  13. G6: please PM me the info and I'll try to make it.

    Hopefully we'll have some nice weather!
  14. Okay, here's the list of confirmed people that I have so far:

    Girl 6
    dusty paws

    Anyone else? I'm going to start PMing the information about the time and place! We will start the 10 day countdown soon! YAY!

  15. Hi All..... I am in! Please add me to the pm guest list :smile: