2012 reading challenge


In 2012 I aim to read:

  1. 10 books

  2. 20 books

  3. 30 books

  4. 40 books

  5. 50 books

  6. 60 books

  7. 70 books

  8. 80 books

  9. other

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  1. Thanks to this thread i went to check out goodread :smile: now i know which other books i can add to my to read list :biggrin:
  2. do it! i'm hooked :smile:
  3. I usually read between 75 and 80 books a year. I'd like to reach 100, but since I spend so much time here and another forum...........:smile:
  4. My aim this year is 26; so far I've read 6 so I'm doing good. I'm also on goodreads and it is definitely helping to keep track of what and who I read. If I spent less time on my computer when I get home from work I could probably double my goal but I don't see myself breaking free from my computer time. :smile:
  5. I just found this thread so I think I'll participate. I've got school keeping me busy so I don't think I could do 50. Since I'm starting now I checked off 30, but I'd like to pass that.
  6. I'm not usually that big into reading but there are a quite of few books I would like to this year. My problem is I start a book then find another one and don't get back to the original. Time to change that this year.

    I think my goal will be about 24, two a month should be doable for me.
  7. Im going for 10 but will definately do at least 12
  8. I like long books as well. It's difficult for me to finish 50 books in a year.
  9. I've been keeping track for the last couple of years and I generally average around 200 books a year. But, I'm an insomniac who doesn't sleep much and has plenty of time to read.
  10. I'm going to start off slow so 10 books for me this year. I used to be able to read all the time but I just haven't been able to find too many books that hold my attention these days. So I've read three books so far this year: The Hunger Games trilogy. I also want to finish all of the books that I started and put down these past couple of years. I'm ready to catch the reading bug again :smile: I'll definitely be on the lookout for suggested reads, too.
  11. I average about 125 books a year based on the last time I did a challenge on Goodreads. Have I ever mentioned, I read A LOT? Gotta love working night shift, plus a 3 day workweek, plus (finally!) a Kindle, 50 books on a year=no sweat.

    Goodreads members, please "friend" me on Goodreads (link on bottom of post)--I always love seeing what other people are reading/have read/want to read, not to mention what they think about it. Better than reading any newspaper/magazine book reviews!
  12. Done. We share the same first name :smile:
  13. Me too lol.
  14. I'm obsessed with that GoodReads site!! I can't believe I hadn't found it sooner. One problem...I have about 90 books in my "to read" list and it is growing by the day!!
  15. I keep adding to my list too.

    Have you entered the giveaways yet? I've won 3 books so far.