2012 miu miu pre-sale starting Monday!

  1. I am not sure about UK in the US sale season usually is late May/early June.
  2. Oh ok thanks for your reply
  3. Is this for aust?
  4. Is this for the US? Is the Vitello Lux Bow Satchel (regular size) included?!
  5. Hi youseeno,

    could you pm me your SA please? Thanks very much! :smile:
  6. Great News!! It looks like sale is starting on thursday!
  7. youseeno, could you pm me your SA's info too, thanks!! :biggrin:
  8. Las Vegas store started their pre-sale today!
  9. I know there is a black patent bow on sale and another rosewood buckle bow on sale.
  10. Do you know the link or price? I've been on the hunt for a bow purse!!!
  11. My SA said she cannot send pictures but she said online miumiu website has the same one in green/blue and other colors with silver metal (not gold). It is 30% off bags. hope you can get what you like!
  12. Hi COA345 and mollymollyhung- my SA is off tomorrow but I would try to call NJ shorthill mall ( I think you can search their number online). I have worked with another SA previously from that same store and they are all very nice.
  13. Thank you!!!
  14. not Crocco but seems like there is some Matalesse~~~
  15. Any idea if the glitter/jewel sneakers are on sale?