2012 miu miu pre-sale starting Monday!

  1. Does anyone have an idea of when the sales of this year will be? And if the executive tote is gonna be part of the sales (I'm in love)
  2. Yes. I was at the store Friday and they told me in June. ;)

    No idea which ones it will be though.. HTH
  3. Does this mean the sale will include items from their online store?? That would be awesome, I don't live near a Miu Miu boutique :shucks:
  4. I want to say yes. She said if was there annual sale. :smile:

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  5. June sounds good. I can save up some money for the annual sale :biggrin:
  6. I'm interested in purchasing the oxford flat (Patent blush color). But I was wondering if anyone knew if those will be going on sale any time soon before paying full price? Thanks!
  7. I'm also wondering the same thing. I don't mind paying full price, but I wanna know because sale season is upon us and it would suck topay a lot more just a week before the sale? Any intel?
  8. I asked the Sydney store yesterday and they said they had no clue when the sale is going to start. She said possibly late June since they still had no info on it:confused1:

    Bummer I want it to be now!!!
  9. My SA just called they have received the list for sale today and pre-sale is starting coming Monday. Official sale starts May 31. Hope this helps everyone! and happy shopping!
  10. youseeno, could you pm me your SA pls, thx a lot
  11. Hi Jackie0903 - I have sent via PM. Do you have something you're looking for specifically?
  12. Thanks, youseeno! Do you know if any of the crocco small zip wallets will be on sale?
  13. hi did you Sa give you the sale list??can you pm me by any chance??TIA
  14. hey does this mean it is the pre-sale in london uk too?
  15. I do not have the list I talked to her on the phone and go through what I wanted. So I would suggest calling to the store and ask directly if you have something in your mind you want to get. =)