2012 Fall baby - Phantom Cabas in croc stamped grey

  1. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Congrats!
  2. Stunning! No more words to say except I want one!

  3. I love croc!
  4. OMG, the bag is sooo gorgeous. I love the stamped croc leather.
    Lucky you!
    Enjoy your new baby.
  5. omg did you get it from the Harbour City store?! I was looking at this beauty the other day! It was soooo nice, such a perfect combination of the Cabas and the Phantom. And it's soooo freakkkinnnng light!!! Congratulations, hope to run into you sometimes :happydance:
  6. I just saw the stamped croc phantom cabas in real life today, and it's absolutely beautiful!!! perfect size too, much prefer it over the cabas.
  7. It's stunning!
  8. Great color,Congrats

  9. Thanks!
  10. This is for sure one beautiful bag, congrats!!!
  11. I got it from Sogo store. Yes, please say hi when you see someone with this bag. Maybe not me but definitely someone who love Celine too.
  12. As promised, here are some modelling pics I took by myself for your reference. Maybe the worst pics for color reference but could give some indication on size. It's a medium according to the tag. I am 5'8" tall. Hope they help.




  13. Thank you! You look effortlessly good. Think it looks best on the shoulder. How does it look like with the straps tied?
  14. It looks much smaller when tied but at the same time, the wings will be occupied much space inside that I can't put as much stuffs in as if untied. Sorry that I didn't take pictures of the tied. Have to admit that having the straps out gives a very unique and signature look of of the bag. Having the strap in / tied looks less Celine IMO but still very elegant.
  15. bumping this thread to say this is an amazing bag and thanks etyc for the modeling pics.

    They pushed me over the edge and I ordered (and just received) this bag in the black stamped croc.

    I love everything about the phantom cabas. Especially it's understated chic-ness (if that is a word ;) )