2012 Chemical smell?

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  1. Chemical smell question. I just received a new 2012 black town. It smells so bad. It's a chemical smell for sure. It is supposed to be a new bag from Bergdorff. Has anyone experienced something like this? Does it go away? I won't be able to carry the bag if it doesn't go away. Instant headache. Boo!
  2. I think it's the smell of the product to prevent from transferring colors.???
  3. ^ Maybe but it's black and I've never smelled this before. It's really strong. To the point where I would not be able to carry the bag.
  4. It'll air out. They all smelled like that to some degree. If it's been kept in it bag and not carried it hasn't had a chance to dissipate. My 2012 and 2014 bags had that terrible smell. A lot of people have asked about it in the forum. Did you have it authenticated already?
  5. ^ Good to know! It smells like protectant or something. Like it was just sprayed and I'm standing in the middle of the fume cloud. It doesn't look like it was worn at all, so maybe it just sat in the bag in a drawer for way too long. I can return, so I guess I will just see if it starts to fade and then decide.
  6. I have three 2012 bags and none of them have the chemical smell. My 2014 bag does have an interesting smell. All bags were purchased new.
  7. I was recently at the Bal area in my local NM and when the SA opened the closet where they stored all the bags I got a big whiff of a chemical smell too (whew!). The bags were all stored folded inside their dust bags.

    I agree with the other posters, it's probably the coating they put on top of the leather and in time it should dissipate. If it still bothers you can you return it?
  8. I wrote something about this in the "authenticate this" thread but wanted to mention here as well.
    My 2011 Dark Night bags both had a strong chemical smell - I remember when the color first came out there was a long discussion about it.....others noticed it with their bags too. It did go a way in time.

  9. Mages I noticed it on my DN bag as well, it doesn't bother me, I rather like it. Not a bad smell to me. Also I love my DN so it's not a problem.
  10. I agree! Lol I always liked it too:smile:A