2011 Kelly's - Has anyone got one?

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  1. I saw the link for the new 2011 Kelly's.

    The "right" people are able to get their hands on runway items all the time...has anyone been fortunate enough to get their hands on one of the new Kelly styles?
  2. how are they new? I am obviously so "wrong" that I didnt even know there was a new kelly!;)
  3. The kelly is a kelly. The style offered is so varied now...the styles are new.

  4. maybe i misunderstand?
  5. I think some of the celebrity stylists may be able to get hold of a couple of pieces early for publicity purposes. I know this is the case for LV runway bags. Perhaps this is OPs point?

    People like me have to wait and get lucky (though I seem to have a scary lucky streak).
  6. are there new "styles" or new materials? (ie the SO Kelly)
  7. ^ My question exactly.
  8. Who wants to admit? It's not something to boast about. Luxury and status are meant to be subtle.:peace:
  9. oh yes-now i understand. I havent but I have seen the pix!
  10. #10 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Oh I see what you meant Hermes-gal, you weren't very clear in your first post, yes there is a thread on the Hermes main forum on the 2011 SS items :smile:

    As in seeing the bags 'up close and personal'? I am quite happy to see them on the runway pics for now, Autumn is here, heard parts of China is snowing, let's wait a couple of months, maybe one of us will share a modeling pic ;p

  11. :goodpost: