2011 Heaven!!! Share your Eden of Lovely Bags & Goodies!

  1. F/W 11 Coq RH PT!
    image-2587773815.png image-3592507892.png image-1367296888.png
  2. Hi Kitechick, how's your VM doing? are you still loving it?
    My Anthra has a lot of green/teal undertone, it looks almost like a VM. I tell myself it's unique, like no other gray Anthra but I dunno if I'm falling out of love with it.. I wish I had gotten a DN :shucks:
  3. My three babies from F/W 2011, my favourite season ever!

    Atlantique, Cyclamen, Coquelicot Classic Mini Pompons :love:

    And SLGs: Bleu Lavande, Cyclamen, Coquelicot CPs :love:
    image-602195611.jpg image-1032810166.jpg
  4. 2011 Neiman Marcus LE Purple Metallic City



    and 2011 Bleu Lavande Folk


    2011 was a good year for purple! :heart:
  5. Reviving this thread with my bleu lavande velo, vieux rose city and cyclamen city!

    image-2205058582.jpg image-4094588430.jpg