2011 Black City in GSH or 2007 Black City in GSH?

  1. Hi there, I want all of your opinions. I have the opportunity to purchase a preowned pretty much like new 2011 city in black and a preloved in pretty good condition 07' black city. Which one would you get? I know 07' is Chevre leather and was one of the best years, so how does 2011 leather fair in comparison? As well, what about fading issues? The 07' currently is not discoloured or faded in any way, but I have read that black bals have a tendency to fade. Which is the better year for non-fading issues?

  2. The chèvre is well loved but from reviews I've read the 2011 leather got great reviews too.
  3. I'd get the one in newer condition. I have a black city from 2011 and it's amazingly well made :smile: HTH!