2010 W/collection some new eyecandies from NM

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    My dear sa from NM has sent me some pics of these girls just in...

    Tweedy Medium E/W flap in Black or Brown lambskin with silver hardware $2495


    Tweedy Lg N/S drawstring in Black OR Brown lambskin with silver hardware $3000

    Stretch Spirit Large drawstring CC in Black Vinyl and fabric, silver metal $1995 (Medium size $1795)
  2. Frozen Fabric large Tote Black Vinyl with Black ruth hardware $2150 front and top view


    Frozen Fabric large bowling ziptop Black Vinyl with black ruth hardware $2450 front and top view
  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing, Paye!
    I think the drawstring bag in brown is really nice.
  4. thanks for sharing- I am really surprised they received more stretch spirits;)
  5. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  6. thanks for sharing!
  7. I am likely in the minority here, but I am not liking any of these. Which is very good for my checkbook.
  8. Thanks for the pics! :smile:
  9. thanks for sharing.
  10. Great pics!
  11. TY for sharing....

    Not sure why but I just am not feeling the igloo, faux fur stuff tho....
  12. You're not alone. I wouldn't carry the first ones even if they were free.
  13. i agree with all... no feeling for any of these! :smile:

    thanks for sharing paye2511!
  14. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing : )
  15. thanks for sharing!