2010 Valentines bag in Coral

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  1. Anyone got a pic of the coral V-bag in real ? Really want to see it !!
  2. this is from an auction of yahoo.com.hk
  3. Thank you aliceshek !!!! But I still feel the coral one from last year is more nice !!
  4. That's really pretty
  5. i think it's nearly the same with the one i got last year but just the difference from the charm, here is mine from 09:
  6. love the colro n charm..
  7. I feel the charms from last year are more nice :smile: more colorful perhaps.
  8. chiclover, i like last year's charms better too! i bought a keychain (light blue) but regretted not buying the bag... so i might get this year's bag rather than waiting for a 2nd hand of last year's... although i don't like how some of the charms this year are plastic

    btw, the patent coral seems more orange than the lambskin (which seems like a true coral and not too pink)!
  9. i think the valentine flap is much more expensive than last year, it raise over $5000 HKD compared with the last year one~
  10. oh 5000 more than last year, that's pretty much. I paid 1795 pounds for my red patent. How much is it in HK ? I really like to see the coral one in patent
  11. last year's coral and charms are definitely nicer. if getting this year's v bag, i will go for the red patent. think the charms look best on the red patent imo.
  12. the color would go so great with some coral loubies. i'm kinda sold on this bag!