2010 Tomato city, opinion?

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  1. Hi! tried searching the forum but can't seem to find pics for the tomato city (2010). Should i be looking to get the 2007 or 2010 Tomato?

    Do you girls think it would be a difficult color to match? can't decide if i should hold out for OB instead...

    Would love to hear your thoughts, or see pics! :biggrin: Thanks!
  2. You are probably thinking of Coquelicot, which is this season's red. Search under that name. It is a great red. I would go for that. The leather quality is wonderful on these bags.
  3. Tomato is 2007
    Coq is 2011
  4. hi, are you thinking of 2010 tomate?

    couldn't find a pic of it in city, just a tomate pompon, post #75

    and there's a picture of 2007 Tomato SGH PT here, post # 360 (and lots of pictures of coquelicot, a great red)

    OB is very nice also, i have it in RH city... I guess it depends on whether you want a color in the red or the orange family. HTH! :smile:

  5. There is a 2010 Tomato: Go to Bagpassion.com the have a Day. The most common would be the 07 :smile:
  6. thanks guys, but i did search, and i am referring to the 2010 Tomate. Looked at in the colors by seasons link, and even then i think it wasnt popular.

    OH WELL! the bag i was considering was sold already anyway. so thanks.