2010 Spring/Summer Trends

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  1. It has been stated that the 2010 Spring/Summer handbag style is clutches, small size bags and shoulder bags - does that mean boston bags and speedys are a no-go this upcoming season?
  2. Maybe to the designers but not to Beenie :P. I am also not the MOST stylish person and wear what I like, not dependent on fashion (not always a good thing). I kind of feel like Boston/Speedy type bags have and always will be in style. Just my opinion.
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    I like to break the so called fashion rules and would feel quite comfortable carrying my past season bags, especially if they're hand carry styles such as the LV Speedy, Ribeira MM, Souflot, Papillon, Bedford, and Gucci Boston :P
  4. I just add to my collection not renew.

    I do need a couple of nice clutches so this might be a good season to buy one but I'm with the others, I'll buy/where what I like and suits me not Gucci
  5. I never really know what's in and out during the seasons. I always choose a bag that matches my outfit no matter what the shape/size.
  6. I think the bostons and speedys are timeless. Plus when i'm paying that kind of money for bags, I wear what I like and when I want no matter what's IN style at that time.
    Its more about what goes with my outfit!
  7. Everyone is making perfectly good sense. I love the boston/speedy style, but I was just thinking maybe it's time for a different style handbag especially since Spring/Summer 2010 trends are out. I wonder is there a such thing as having too many bags of one shape style?

  8. Guilty as charged but I try to mix it up by having both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter colors in one particular hand bag style or shape. At least that way there's a little bit of a variety thrown in ;)
  9. Agree wit ur opinion. Not al the new wil be nice. Just get some fit wit u and that wil be own ur style :biggrin:
  10. I was reading one of the fashion mags and it said that it's all about small bags. The large hobos are out. I actually love an oversized bag so I wll definitely do me!
  11. I know the fashion magazines say clutches and small bags are in, and I do love clutches but one needs big bags, hobos, speedys, bostons to go to work, school, errands, and when traveling. Celebs haven't given up their huge bags. I think their is a place for clutches (like for evening) but, there will always be a place for larger bags. So lets continue to carry our bigger bags and look cute!