2010 Sahara GGH city anywhere in Europe?????

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  1. My friend is finding one! If you saw it, please tell me.
  2. i don't think sahara 2010 will come in ggh :sad: sorry
  3. Bal Costa Mesa had 2010 Sahara GGH Part-time... so yes it does exist! :yes: Just not sure about City or in Europe...
  4. I saw one 10 Sahara City GGH in Balenciaga Paris a couple of weeks ago. I hope it's still there! Good luck!
  5. really!!!??:nuts: wowww!! balenciaga milan told me sahara with ggh doesn't exists:cursing::smash::bagslap:for 2010
  6. I just saw it in Las Vegas this weekend
  7. OMG!!!! Amazing, isn't? I'm 100% sure... I even had it in my hands.... BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!!! Maybe, the thing is that Bal Milan didn't order that combo? :shrugs:
  8. oh my! someone please post a pic of the sahara GGH when they do get one. Please.
  9. Nevermind...bal london has a GGH Galet not a GGH Sahara...
  10. #10 Feb 25, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010
    bal milan has a sahara GGH city..
  11. You can try Paris Printemps, I think I saw some GGH Sahara today (not sure there was a city though, maybe a partime or a work, but if you can't find one, this is another option, I now they have many different GGH there)