2010 SAG Awards - Arrivals & Ceremony

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  1. whoa. idk who Lea Michele is, but her & the dress are gorgeous!
  2. Drew Barrymore

    Dianna Argon
  3. #18 Jan 23, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2010
    Lea Michele is one of the stars of Glee.

    Alec & Billy? Baldwin

    Jane Krakowski

    Kate Hudson
  4. Marion Cotillard

    Christina Hendricks
  5. Mariah Carey (Is she wearing the same thing as Christina Hendricks?)

    Sandra Bullock
  6. loveeeee Marion Cotillard's shoes & yea, i think Christina Hendricks blew Mariah outta the water!!!
  7. Sandra Bullock looks so amazing
  8. My favorites are Kate Hudson, Christina Applegate, and Lea Michele.
  9. Out of everyone I've seen Kate Hudson is definitely my fave. That dress is stunning on her.

    And Betty White's acceptance speech was pretty funny. :yes:
  10. Kate Hudson seems to rocking the white gowns at the ceremonies this year :tup:
  11. Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech was once again awesome. It is so apparent how much she loves Jesse!:heart:
  12. Diane Krueger - wow! - she should have worn that dress to the Golden Globes!

    Lea Michele looks gorgeous in that green dress - I'm loving the color on her.

    I like edie flaco's,applegate's, and Julie Benz's gowns.

    Sandra Bullock - a bit different, but it works!

    Barrymore is going avant guarde this year and it's working for me so far!

    Dianna Aragon looks wonderful - I love the draping and the jewels on top.

    Kate Hudson - first I thought, White, AGAIN? But she truly looks gorgeous her bum and back look great.