2010 PUPPY BOWL VI!!! discussion pics and votes!!

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  1. our beloved announcer passed away last year.

    hamsters, and bunnies will be appearing for the first time!!

    starting line up includes some major cuties like: addison the maltese mix

    bandit the border collie mix with his bandit patch markings

    bear who looks like a bear!!

    and more!!!!
  2. I love this! I think the Beagle won last year? :love:
  3. Boo! No wiener dog love!!!!! I guess they wanted it to be a fair game.... :lol:
  4. :lolots::lolots::lolots: Weiner dogs rule!!!
  5. I've watched the Puppy Bowl starting with the 2nd quarter and I'm now watching the 1st quarter. As I have bunnies, I loved the addition of the bunny cheerleaders even if they looked like they were napping.
  6. Preach it girl!!
  7. LOVE the puppy bowl! My dog has been watching all day (until football started) and I'm saving it on the DVR for him- he loves watching all the little puppies play and he sits there and wags his tail while he looks at them all :lol:

    From the parts I saw so far I like Jake- the little pug mix who was going crazy and running around like a puppy should. The little yorkie mix is adorable too! I also love the little Puppy Bowl mat in the middle of the "field" that is making all the puppies slip and slide- too cute!
  8. i miss it...
  9. Chamomile was adorable. What about that water bowl? Love love love it!
  10. i saw a little bit of it. were they constantly just re-running it?? i also caught the kitty half time!! that was so freaking funny.
    i think the little tidbit that i caught was the start of the 2nd half. when the beagle actually took the toy and ran towards the goal i found myself yelling "GO GO GO!!!" lol

    too cute.
  11. What fun! Paws in the water bowl while drinking was cute. I love the attention span of a puppy--about a nanosecond, lol!
  12. That was the hysterical part, they could have subbed in stuffed animals!