2010 Non Wrinkle Leather?

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  1. I am trying to hunt down my first Bal bag, a City RH in Bleu Roi. :yahoo:
    I am told all the Bal store are sold out. Luckily I find one from a dept store. However, the SA told me the only one they have is the "NEW" Balenciaga leather that's not as wrinkle as and more structure than the original leather. SA sent me a pic. The leather show no wrinkles.

    Can the experts here tell me the difference? TIA
  2. ^what department store is this?
  3. Neiman Marcus
  4. Do you mean the papier line? Totally different leather than regular moto bags.
  5. ^^Thats what I was thinking of. Papier bags are structured and nothing like the moto bags at all. But then again they dont come in the same colors as the moto bags do (so not sure if they would have Bleu Roi?)
  6. What is the Papier line? This is the first I heard of it.
  7. Can you post the pictures that you were sent by the SA?
  8. Let me try.
  9. Here is the picture

    Attached Files:

  10. Looks like maybe it's the perforated leather?

  11. That is my thinking
  12. Yup. That's perforated.

    It might not be wrinkled or distressed like most other Bal leathers are, but the perforated bags do slouch nicely and are so soft. If you do a search on here you will find others with perforated bags and see how they look without stuffing/when carried/etc.
  13. Fashion1, Crazyinlv and Susan Lee, Thanks for your quick reply and help. This would be my first and only one Bal bag for a while. Would you recommend perforated bag?
  14. Hmmm, I tried to like the Perforated leather, but I prefer a less structured and softer leather. It hinted a little too much Marc Jacobs for me, so I passed. It really depends on what you like. It's still a nice City style bag in a luxurious leather and a rich colour...
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    Hi Chrisy! I have a perforated anthra City and personally love it. For your first and only for a while, you may want the traditional leather. But, if you love the color of the perforated bag shown and can't find another, here's a link from the clubhouse:


    The peforated leather is actually very soft and slouchy, and, to me, very durable. It may help for you to see it in person, though. And, new colors will be coming out soon, I think, so you may find another blue that you like in the regular lambskin.