2010: It took 5 trips to Balenciaga to get me this beauty...(my first Balenciaga!)

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  1. PerfectShoe, flick to page 3 and have a look first:smile:
  2. Love the color so much!
  3. Love the combo of gold and sang and the leather looks so delicious! Congrats!
  4. Love it!
  5. it is so pretty~~ the louxious leather with the GH
  6. the color combo is so beautiful!!
  7. Thank you thank you!
  8. I DIE :biggrin: its so pretty :smile:
  9. timeless
  10. what a LOVELY bag. :smile:
  11. lovely lovely LOVELY!
  12. BEAUTIFUL.... congratz :smile:

    is it just me or sang is super extra gorgeous...
  13. AMAZING RED!!!! + gold hardware TDF!!! really brought out the redness in it.
  14. wow the colour looks gorgeous! congrats on your first bbag :biggrin:
  15. that color is so vibrant! Looks great with the GGH. Enjoy!