2010: It took 5 trips to Balenciaga to get me this beauty...(my first Balenciaga!)

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  1. congrats, it is beautiful!!! with ggh is so chic!!
  2. sooo beautiful, congrats!! what an amazing colour combo!
  3. Really beautiful!
  4. The GGH in the Sang looks amazing. Really love red and gold.
  5. gorgeous, gorgeous bag!! i love that colour!
  6. I love this combo, great choice for your first. Welcome to the addiction is right! LOL
  7. OMG I am sooo glad you posted!!! I want to buy myself a present for after I take my Step1 and I have been lusting for a bright red city with GGH, but I thought it would be hard to find one in good shape. Now I am convinced that this is a great red! Awesome choice!!!
  8. Congrats on your lovely bag!
  9. Beautiful City! Sang definitely gives Rouge Theatre a run for its money! Enjoy your new Bbag!
  10. So gorgeous, congrats!
  11. stunning!
    congrats and enjoy :smile:
  12. That's gorgeous!! On a separate note, I can't wait for my Sang SGH to come, now that I have seen how smooshy Sang leather is! The GGH is absolutely to die for but most of my accessories are silver (necklaces, bracelets) and I am one of those anal people where my bags have to match what I wear (silver buckles, match silver accessories). Now I am wishing I wasnt so anal! heheh
  13. It's stunning, love the sang ggh combo. I think the gold hw compliments the red color very well. Congrats and enjoy.
  14. ha, you got the bal-fever :P, welcome!
    sang is such a beautiful colour, my fav of this seasons colours...
  15. Thanks girls! Although flick to page 3 to see a better representation of the colour :smile: